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  1. Mk4 2000 Power Window Problem

    Anyone please? This is really annoying me, I got another motor and does the same thing
  2. New Car

    Very very nice, how did you get a puncture already
  3. Mk4 2000 Power Window Problem

    Anyone have any idea and motor pic attached showing the connector
  4. Mk4 2000 Power Window Problem

    Oops, I noticed I said can see splice in wires on passenger side, I mesnt I cant see splice, I can post up a pic of the window motor if needed. Just wondering as only 2 pins on it, does the switch just reverse the current to get the motor to turn the other way?
  5. hello all. I have a year 2000 uk , fiesta, and have a passenger side power window problem. the motor seems to turn up fine, but doesn't turn down, I have replaced switches and still the same problem, and I have the same problem controlling passenger side window from drivers control pad. We did purchase the car from a young boy who 'modded' the car, and had a issue a while ago with the drivers side motor, where it was going up and down intermittently on its own, we found the issue to be the fact the previous owner had spliced the wires in the footwell and powered a amp from the window live wire. I can see any splicing going on on the passenger side, and the window has never worked. I have pulled apart the casing and tested the switches and the switches seem to give a voltage of 12v when up is pressed and 9v when down is pressed. Does anyone have a circuit diagram which shows how the motor to the switch is wired at all, or know what the problem could be?. many thanks in advance gavin
  6. Hi

    Hi, thought i would join, after years of owning vectras...... Picking up my 04 1.8sci ghia x later on today!. Thought i would join other ford people!.