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  1. Your Focus

    Thanks mate. :)
  2. Alloys

    Ah right. Yeah I totally understand about low profile tyres lol. I had a Fiesta ST a couple of years ago and they were soooo thin it was like riding in a go kart!
  3. Wtf Is Up With This Roundabout?!

    Looks like a cross between some kind of monster from Greek mythology and something from Star Trek! :P
  4. Fuel Economy, Whats Your MPG figures?

    I'm not sure what the official figures are for my model, which is the 2.0L TDCi Zetec S 136PS. Around town I can get anything up to 50mpg and on the motorway anything up to about 65mpg! :D
  5. Alloys

    How come? Don't the bigger ones look better?
  6. How To Get Hold Of Genuine Ford Parts?

    Whenever I've needed genuine Ford parts I've got them on eBay and occasionally from my local Ford dealer, although this is more of a rip-off. <_<
  7. Lenny you must spend hours typing these up! :P
  8. Reversing Light Problems

    I know nothing technical about cars but could the wire be loose/detached?
  9. Show Us Your Rear...

    Some cracking looking Fords on here! :D
  10. Mk7 Fiesta Tdci Zetec S Tuning

    Off-topic but can I just say your car looks awesome mate! ;)
  11. Aircon Query

    Or just press the Aircon button off lol. :P
  12. Keyless Ignition Glitch

    A friend had this once but it never happened again. Weird. Too much technology the cars can't cope!! :P
  13. Help! Handbrake Problems 2002 1.8 Tdci

    No idea mate but hope you get it sorted quick! :)
  14. Merry Christmas Guys

    Merry Christmas!!
  15. These look sooooooo much better, well done folks. :D