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  4. Maverick clutch pipework

    thanks mintalkin, thats very good to know...
  5. [OT] What was your first car?

    showing my age now my first car was a Morris 1000, finished in white two toned with a light blue roof... and I loved it to bits :)
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  7. What insurance company are you with?

    Swift cover got it on the net
  8. Air freshners

    magic tree new car scent or pot pourii
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  10. on a Ford Maverick could someone solve a puzzle for me please? why does the clutch slave cylinder bleed system have the pipework going from the cylinder along the o/s chassis to terminate with a bleed screw by the rear axle??? these pipes suffer from rust and also it seems a waste..
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    golden arches
  15. If you won the lottery?

    oh thats just NASTY