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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Clutch Problem?

    I have the same problem with the 59 plate fiesta edge I have, have you noticed that the gears are okaish when the engine is cold, I took it too ford and basically they said there was nothing wrong with it, I have only done 15000 miles, I have found the solution, the gearbox is basically the same as the previous model this was a known fault, the gear linkage is connected to a spigot with a plastic moveable band that after time, starts too stick, apparently the replacement of this arm and plastic bit is the best solution, other peeps have just greased up the arm and slightly bored out the plastic bit and this helps and works, I have not done this yet, but you could try under warranty if you still have it, it wont be your clutch, its just a known fault that ford dont want to know about, I wont be buying another ford after this, because every ford I have had has been a mechanical arsehole including this piece of s/*t im driving now!
  2. Stiff Gear Change When Warm

    I have a 59 plate fiesta that this happens to, I took it too ford because im under warranty, they said theres nothing wrong and that it is a positive feeling gearbox (load of bollox) the head mechanic explained too me that the new shape fiestas have the same gearbox as the older mark fiesta with a couple of modifications, which means its still prone too this problem, the gear linkage that goes into the gearbox has a plastic spline on it can start too stick if faulty or needs replacing, this problem gets worse as the engine and gearbox get hotter, apparently ford just replace the whole part, but some people who are mechanicaly minded, have just regreased the spline and refitted and it works. If you go to the garage to be fixed apparently it is not expensive to be fixed, Im going too wait for mine to get worse, hopefully i can get it fixed before my warranty runs out in december.
  3. A couple of months ago I came onto the site, and brought this topic up, I thought it was my crappy driving, after a few suggestions from members, but as it turned out it was not. I have always found the gear box on my 2009 fiesta a bit notchy, the gear change can be smooth when the engine is cold, but when the engine is very hot the gear change goes stiff, almost as if when changing gear up and down it catches slightly before going into gear, I have been on various sites, and one site overclockers were discussing this problem, it seems that the gear linkage arm with the splines on, into the gear box, can distort when faulty with the heat of the engine. They gave various fixes from replacing the part to just cleaning it. With this information, bearing in mind that the information was for the previous model fiesta, I went to ford and asked them too look at it, a couple of hours later, they got back too me and said there was nothing wrong with the car, I went down and spoke to the head mechanic who said they had checked everything and coudnt fine anything wrong, I was annoyed because I had driven a couple of friends mk7 fiestas and there gear changes were smooth, the head mechanic did say too me that the mk7 fiesta had the same gear box as the previous fiesta and he kind of smirked and said with so called improvements, he was helpful, but seemed to me that they werent interested, the fault i have described is a known issue with the previuos fiesta. I feel i am better off just going to a non ford garage and taking the overclockers step by step guide which has a picture and getting them to change the arm. My fiesta has only 11800 miles on the clock and was registered 30/12/09. Cheers Mick
  4. Stiff Gear Change New Shape Fiesta

    Yes it is the car was registered 30/12/09, perhaps just the arm needs changing, ford only seem to have a 1 year warranty in the service book, I take it fords warranty for two years after is limited.
  5. Since ive had the fiesta 2009 plate the gear change has been stiff, its only got 12000 miles on the clock, i thought it me being stupid but after reading a thread about the same problem on the previous model fiesta, i have the same symptoms especially when the engine gets warm it can have a little resistance slotting into gear, third at times can grind trying to change into it, mechanically minded folk on the thread stated the gear change lever on the engine needs replacing im wondering if this is right and does anybody else have this problem. Cheers Yozzer
  6. Fiesta Spare Wheel

    if your alloys are the same size as mine, and you got a steel 195 x 50 x 15 it would sit above the tyre well, but dont quote me on this, you could get a 15" steel wheel, you could buy a tyre with a tread area of 175 x 50 x 15 that would suffice as a spare wheel and would sit flush with the tyre well, If you go too a local scrappy, you can get a steel wheel and jack kit from an older fiesta, remember if you get a steel wheel the wheel nuts are different from alloy wheel nuts, the local scappys are usually pretty helful, just ask. They have probably got the old wheel clamps you can extend as i mentioned. Mick
  7. Fiesta Spare Wheel

    I only got an alloy because i dont trust the space savers, if you have steel wheels all round, the same size steel wheel will fit, the tyre well is not designed for alloy wheels.(alloy size for mine is 195 x 50 x 15 hence the sitting above the rim of tyre well)if you cant get the jack kit from ebay, try your local scrappys and that goes for the steel wheel as well. Mick
  8. Fiesta Spare Wheel

    A space saver fits in perfectly, but an alloy like i bought sits above the tyre well a little, im not that bothered, the clamp you need to secure the wheel needs to be extended, i had some spare 6mm threaded rod and all i did was use a nut and joined them, works a treat!you need too buy off ebay the jack kit, i got a new kit for £20 in the foam insert (this was from an older fiesta, with the new shape fiesta ford will charge a fortune for a new kit.). you can buy the whole spare wheel kit if you wish, but i prefer a full size alloy, for alike for like swap, make sure that the clamp comes with it. Hope this helps! Mick
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Gear Changing

    Hi its probably just me, being over sensative with the gear box, it would probaly help if i adjust my driving style, and try not too use the fiesta gearbox as if it was a quick change sports box. Cheers Mick
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Gear Changing

    Hi not long had my fiesta edge and i am wondering if its just my crap driving or that the fiesta gear box is a tad delicate, especially in third, if i try to change gear quickly especially in third i get a slight but very short grinding noise, if i depress the clutch all the way, and change gear slowly but in a relaxed way no problem.I just find having too depress the clutch all the way too the floor worrying as other cars i have driven dont. I dont have the problem with the reverse gear. Cheers Mick
  11. Orion Engine Problem!!!

    Hi again on another note, due too it has carburettors, you need an inline fuel put in by yoursself or garage and you probably need the carb blasted through with compressed air, the fuel tanks on them love collecting crap then dumping them through the carb, its a bugger for idling. Mick
  12. Orion Engine Problem!!!

    Hi, Crikey your car is a blast from the past, i used too have a F 1988 1.4 lx orion. earthing can be a major problem on them due too there prone too rust, check all earths lights etc, i bet your loving the rust on the rear arches, got too say even though it was a rust bucket it was the 1 car i owned that mechanically never let me down, even on the long journeys to germany when i was posted there. Mick
  13. Really Bad Mpg 1.25 Mk7 Cant Hit 40Mpg

    I use maxell cd-r 80's for mp3's stops any skipping. Mick
  14. Really Bad Mpg 1.25 Mk7 Cant Hit 40Mpg

    I got rid of a matiz i was given to get my fiesta (82) 1.25 and when i fill up now its roughly £10 extra a time, i also dont have that trip meter. i found with the stereo if you make your own mp3 discs you have too have a certain brand or they skip. Have you had the volume go up or down on its own occasionally.