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  1. Could This Be Causing A Leak?

    Thanks Guys The garage told me that it isn't the pollen filter as Ford have moved it from the previous versions of the focus? So it sounds like a leak from somewhere, I'll just have to try and find it. Cheers G777
  2. Could This Be Causing A Leak?

    Sorry the picture didnt load first time so I've edited the post and its there now (well I can see it) Thanks for the advice Lenny, I'll try that, but do you know what it is before I spray it ? G777
  3. Hi everyone Please can someone tell me what the attached picture is. It's under the car directly below the passenger footwell, exactly below a patch where the footwell is soaking wet. Whatever it is could it be causing the leak, or collecting water from a seperate leak. Apologies if this is a silly question, I'm trying to diagnose the cause as the garage haven't been able to G777
  4. Hi Thanks for the replies. However it turns out that my garage did not have a clue what they were doing. I have taken it to a larger main dealer and they have diagnosed that there is nothing wrong with the DPF. Apparently despite the other garage having given the car a full service, and more recently charged me for regenerating the DPF, they still hadn't refilled the DPF additive fluid, or picked up that there was a blocked fuel filter. I now have had the fluid added and the fuel filter replaced. Hopefully (fingers crossed) I won't have any more issues and my car will go back to being the lovely car it was to drive. Cheers G
  5. Hi everyone Please can anyone advise as to the best option once you've been hit by the dreaded DPF & 'limp home' issue A bit of history: I have a 1.6 TDCI which I drive on the motorway pretty much every working day. It's just over 3 years old, out of warrenty and done 55k. A few weeks back it went into limp home mode whilst joining a motorway, and then again a couple of days later. My local garage said it was a dpf issue and they regenerated the dpf and cleared the codes. However I took it down a straight road, pushed the revs high in 2nd and 3rd and I got it to die twice.So what is the best option for me from the following: 1. Leave it alone and hope it doesn't happen again - I'm not keen on this option as its pretty scary having the car die going onto the M25 2. Get the dpf replaced - But this is expensive, and can it be guaranteed it will solve the issue 3. Try and get my garage to accept liability as I don't think they changed the additive at 37.5k - I think I can safely say they will say no or something less polite 4. Get the dpf removed - I'm not sure how much this costs, or if any of you have done this 5. Trade it in for a newer petrol focus (and give up on diesel so no dpf) - I tend to get a new car every 4 years, so maybe I should just move on. Shame to do this as I still love it to death Any help would be appreciated by this Confused man