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  1. Has The Cam Belt Just Broke?

    Hi, thanks for the replies, the RAC turned up and put it down too dirt in the jets!!! he got it going and said take it for a run!!! all seems ok now
  2. So I just went out to start my journey and my car 2.0 Titanium Auto 57, 36k miles, didn't start, it tried to start then the engine/starter just seemed to spin quick, now awaiting the people they call the RAC
  3. Front Fog Lamp Inserts!

    Thanks mate i need the same ones in the 1st photo but in Silver for my 57 Titanium. Thanks for your help
  4. Front Fog Lamp Inserts!

    So some little !Removed! has nicked the front fog lamp inserts! (THE PLASTIC STRIP ABOVE LIGHT), are these only main dealer spare parts or can i get them any where else? im in Surrey. Thanks
  5. Heated Rear Window

    my hrw has decided to pack up, could it just bea fuse,if so what one and where
  6. Hi all, can anyone explain to me why my brakes stick on after washing my car when left overnight??? oh car is 2.0 titanium auto
  7. Aux Button, 57 Focus Titanium.

    John H, thanks for the post, it worked.
  8. Aux Button, 57 Focus Titanium.

    Hi, see attached pics of my rtadio, no aux button???
  9. Aux Button, 57 Focus Titanium.

    Hi, thanks for the info, my radio is the touchscreen type with built in sat nav etc, that's why I can't find a aux button, what type model would this be and is there a aux button
  10. Temp Gauge

    Hi All, is it normal for my temp gauge to go straight to half way, it doesnt seem to gradually move up like previous cars i haveowned, its a 2.0 titanium auto
  11. Hi All, I have connected my ipod/phone to the aux jack in glovebox but it wont play? where is the aux button to play my ipoid?
  12. Interior Lights

    hi all, i want to upgrade all my interior lights to led ones, i see that they are the wedgie type, is the upgrade possible, if so where can i get the bulbs
  13. Newbie

    hi all, have just acquired a 57 focus 2.0 titanium auto