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  1. Gabbalot


    Mine does exactly the same, but mostly on crappy roads and especially when there are passengers in the back!! I thought it was the spare wheel so took it out but never stopped it, should you manage to work out what the problem is could you let me know:)
  2. Gabbalot

    Ford Ls Rns Sat Nav Cd Player

    Ok thanks for that, sounds like it could be more trouble than it's worth!!! Might take the car to an audio expert to see what options I have, just found that after driving a mates focus with the same system in it, the standard 6000 model in my fiesta sounded rubbish and tinny in comparison.
  3. Gabbalot

    Ford Ls Rns Sat Nav Cd Player

    :-) ok so I've got a mk6.5 whenever looking for stuff for it on Internet or eBay it always made the car out to be a mk5 but still don't know about the cd player, I will drop by the main dealers when a chance this week and pick thier brains.
  4. Hi I'm thinking of buying a FORD LS RNS SAT NAV CD Player for my fiesta all I know is that this came out if a focus and I'm not sure if it will fit my fiesta?? I have a 56 reg mk5 fiiesta style, can anybody please advise?? Thanks in advance. Andy