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  1. Hi, we have Ford Focus 2003 1.8 TDCI 115 hp. The problem is that the car does not starts every time. The starter motor is turning the engine, but the car doesn't start. If I try again the car always starts almost immediately. There are no DTC errors for the engine. When the car does not want to start the pressure reaches 500-600 bars. When the car starts, it is done far before the pressure reaches 300 bar. The rail pressure for idle rpms is 240 bars. Max seen fuel pressure is 1405 bars. Max injection quantity is 55 mg, after then it drops to 47-48 at about 3000+ rpm. Is these all values normal for 115 hp engine? The one that bothers me is the map readings. Ford USB scanner shows 96 mbar atmo pressure and map sensor shows 9-10 kPa at idle and max 19-20 kPa at hard acceleration which is 0.2 bar. Is it normal? I think, NO.