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  1. 1.6 Tdci Turbo

    i am ok with car maintance but i think this kit is beyond me though,but great spot just incase some does fancy having a go.i have located a second hand one so going to fit it then part ex for a petrol focus because this is the second major problem with this car,lovley car but !Removed! engine,never buy a 1.6 tdci again.
  2. 1.6 Tdci Turbo

    hi guys my seals have gone on my 2006 1.6 tdci turbo so i will have to replace the turbo,does anyone know if the 90bhp turbos are the same as the 109 bhp turbo,also due to the turbo leaking oil is it still ok to drive as there is still plenty of power there,thanks.
  3. Dpf Replacement

    go to there web site ecu flash they are called give them a ring its near meddowhall in sheffield £400 includes removel of the dpf and a remap which is a very good price,i am getting mine done when i need a new dpf,they have the car for 4 hours while you wait.
  4. Dpf Replacement

    you will need to replace the dpf stright away then before it completly goes,have you looked at the prices on this web site before buying one off ebay,i think they are about £198 of here,also there is a place near me who do a dpf removel service for £400 garenteed for life and they say it will pass any mot.
  5. Dpf Replacement

    i have the 1.6 tdci to,when the fluid additive is empty you will get a red cog symbel on the dash but i think if you dpf is knakered the eml comes on and the car will go into limp mode,so if its the red cog on the dash you might be lucky might be the additive,also once you have topped the additive up the system will need resetting by ford or a good garage.mine cost £100 including resetting the ecu. no need to get a remap.
  6. Turbo Legal Advice Please Asap

    i bought my car from a local dealer and the turbo blew after a month,took the car back and they said it was nothing to do with them,i got in touch with trading standards who told me to take the car back to them and leave it there and said write them a letter giving them 3 opitions repair the turbo or replace the car or refund the car price,they !Removed! themselfs and repaired the turbo.
  7. Dpf Removel 1.6Tdci

  8. Cambelt Change?

    i have had a cam belt snap on my old ford diesel due to holding off doing it,belive me its not cheap to get repaired,so do it around 80k.for the sake of £200 better safe than sorry thats what i say.
  9. Cambelt Change?

    hi mate mines getting done at end of the month £196 fully fitted including parts,mines a 1.6 tdci,06 plate.part is £80 and labor is £116 so i guess its about a 2 hour job.
  10. Chemical Cleaning For Turbo Kits

    hi mate i have the same problem turbo 5 months old on a 1.6 tdci 06 plate whistling right bad cant afford to replace the turbo so when it does blow again i am fully comp on my insurance. hope you get it sorted mate.
  11. 2011 Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 Tdci Re-Map

    i am thinking of remapping my 1.6 tdci there is a place in bradford west yorkshire they have got a offer on at the min £150 on site or £200 anywhere in the uk,remap science they are called comes with a lifetime garrente.
  12. hi mate eml could be on if you have dpf fitted,clutch would cost between £300-£400 depending who does it,i got quoted 350 for mine doing.
  13. Dpf, Egr, And Turbo Replaced, Still Power Loss?

    have you changed the fuel filter recently if not that could be the problem with the car bunny hopping.or if you have did you bleed it after fitting.
  14. Dpf, Egr, And Turbo Replaced, Still Power Loss?

    mine sounds just like yours. i think the 1.6 tdci engines are a load of rubbish,but i would not expect anything else because the engine is french,enough said really.
  15. Dpf, Egr, And Turbo Replaced, Still Power Loss?

    hi mate i also had the same problem as you when i replaced the dpf the ecu needs to be reset by a main dealer or a independant garage with the software to reset the dpf or your dpf will block up after 15-20 miles and might blow your turbo again,cost me £60 for the reset and now there is power again hits 4000 revs no problem,hope this helps.you will be better off changing your oil just in case there is carbon in the oil.