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  1. Sony Dab Issues

    All the time now when trying to play ipod touch. Just displays "autoplay not available whilst indexing" Plays the wifes classic ipod but still displays same message. Dealer it is then.
  2. Sony Dab Issues

    Hello all, I have a 2013 focus titanium with the ford dab radio. Yesterday it stopped playing my ipod touch. All the display says is " indexing tracks please wait. I've done the reset in the menu, changed the ipod cable and nothing. Left it on for over five mins and it just stays the same. Any ideas or is it a trip to the garage? Cheers in advance.
  3. 2013 Focus 1.6Tdci Titanium.

    Cheers. Pick it up Thursday so will soon find out!
  4. 2013 Focus 1.6Tdci Titanium.

    Mainly motorway. 60 mile round trip comute. Chose the titanium for the cruise control. Average around 45 at the minute in my 57 2.0 tdci so was hoping for better.
  5. Hi there, I'm just in the process of replacing my 57 plate 2.0tdci with a 13 plate 1.6tdci. After doing more research i'm reading alot about the actual mpg achieved. Can anyone shead any light on this as it was one of the selling points i went for. I figured I wouldn't get the 67 mpg claimed (but was hoping for high fifties at least) but I'm reading some reports of as little as 45. Anybody any wiser?
  6. Aux Plug

    Anybody know how easy it is to fit an aux plug to a 57 focus. Manual says it should be in the glove box but it isn't. I can see where it should be, so was wondering will the wire be there but tucked away or would I have to wire it to the unit. Cheers.
  7. Door Rattle

    No more a vibration noise. Changed some broken clips but still there. Very annoying.
  8. Door Rattle

    Got a rattle coming from near side back passenger door. More so when music on. Had door panel off and can't find anything loose. Anybody any ideas?
  9. 2.0Tdci Clutch Replacement

    advancedtuning.co.uk. Think they're just in the North West though.
  10. 2.0Tdci Clutch Replacement

    Hi. Well worth it if you ask me. Alot quicker and very smooth on the motorway. Found that if driven a little hard the fuel comsumption does go up but at a steady 80mph on the motorway is now returning 55mpg+. Clutch not to bad only slips really when accelerated to hard. Cost £250 but mpg on motorway, which is what I mainly do has gone up over 10mpg. Average 80miles a day so savings should come quickly.
  11. 2.0Tdci Clutch Replacement

    Done 48000 miles on this clutch. Had slipped a couple of times before the remap but got worse since. Thanks.
  12. 2.0Tdci Clutch Replacement

    Hi there, Had my 57plate Focus 2.0tdci remapped and am now finding the clutch slipping. Anybody know if there is a replacement clutch that will fit and not slip. Power is now 170bhp and 380nm torque. Thanks.