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  1. Streetka '04 has been driving like a dream for a while now but last night ... Temperature warning light came on! No hot air from blowers and when i top up the coolant its just !Removed! out onto the road. Obviously a coolant system leak. Something simple im hoping??? Any tips on what to look for/try first???
  2. Streetka Rear Offside Indicator

    Yep we eliminated the bulb as the problem. Would the tester need to be an auto electrics specifically? And where would most cost effective place be to buy one (apart from online as i need to buy it in person today to get this sorted) Cheers again
  3. Streetka Rear Offside Indicator

    Cheers man. Wires n terminals appear fine so i think best bet is to get a tester to see if the wires are supplying the terminal with correct voltage
  4. Offside rear indicator has stopped working. Front offside and side light are fine. Fuse is fine. Bulb is fine. Everything on the nearside works fine. Cant work it out?
  5. just recently the dash lights on my '04 streetka have started to delay in turning on. i start the engine, turn the headlights on and it takes either a minute or two for he dash lights to come on. Infact it may even be when the vehicle starts to move that they come on. has anyone else experienced this? or does anyone have any input or ideas? thanks in advance! Del
  6. Misfiring After Almost Running Empty

    damn i wish id known this as i wouldnt have used redex and i only recently had a new fuel filter fitted BEFORE using it! Ooi how often would you recommend replacing fuel filters? is it an annual/10,000 mile thing? cheers Del
  7. Sportka Running Problems

    bruce which fuel supplier would you recommend over supermarkets then? i get most of mine from tesco but might have to reconsider. my next choice would be esso as i can still collect tesco clubcard points. cheers, Del
  8. danielle stick a bottle of redex valve cleaner in the fuel tank, u may just have a blocked fuel injector valve
  9. Sportka Running Problems

    u could also try sticking a bottle of redex fuel system cleaner in the tank cos sometimes its not a misfire its a blocked injector. its a cheap option to try before forking out for new leads etc
  10. Ford Ka 2004 Misfiring

    turns out it may have just been a clogged up valve because after putting a bottle of redex fuel system cleaner in the tank she 'appears' to be running smooth ...
  11. Ford Ka Running Problems

    after a long process of elimination my problem seems to possibly have been resolved by simply putting a bottle of redex valve cleaner int he fuel tank! give it a go widow :)
  12. Engine Management Light

    i replaced my after market coil pack n leads with a set of second hand ford ones but it made no difference. diagnostic plug in tool said there was a valve issue. so i stuck a bottle of redex valve cleaner in the fuel tank and she is running smoothe again.
  13. replaced the coil pack and leads again and it made no difference. stuck a bottle of redex valve cleaner in the fuel tank and boom she seems to be back to her old self!
  14. Misfiring After Almost Running Empty

    yea possibly a dirty clogged valve. stick a bottle of redex valve cleaner in the fuel tank, it seems to have sorted mine out!
  15. update: problem came back worse than ever so ... had my after market ht leads and coil pack replaced today with second hand genuine ford ones. no improvement, still misfiring badly n runnning like !Removed!. diagnostic tool then gives us an error code saying there is an injector error. so i start shopping around for injectors. but before i buy one i have a brain wave. if iv got an intermittent faulty injector maybe its just dirty? so i stick a full bottle of redex into a frsh tank of fuel and ... it seems to have done the trick! but im not counting my chickens just yet. we'll see how she drives for a few days and if theres still a misfire here n there ill have a new injector fitted too. but so far so good :)