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  1. whats the lads up to this weekend ..??????????? thinking of a catch up

  2. !Removed! on sum one must know .. ford owners club !!

  4. ok my van has started making a verry lout tapping noise cumming from engine . im a bit sick of the price of diesel i fancy a 1.6 petrol engine .. poss a 1.6 rsturbo as i found one on gum tree.. or whats my options dont want to change the box .. would consider a tdi job nothing bigger than 1.8. whats the av price of engine transplants theses days
  5. wish i had fangs

  6. ok im about to put a second alternator in me van to run a split charge system from 1 high capacity battery to another 1 . iv got the split charged sussed that's in running off my original battery(1) now charging the amp battery(2) this is why im noticing dimming and lazy starts .. so i want to separate my original alternator and starting batt(1) then have a second system to charge amp batt(2) then split charge from this to my lights and inverter battery(3) what i really want to know is what do i need now obv a alternator/belt, a regulator? 30amp? wiring diagram to help maybe lol . obv if i have 3 battery's grounded is it best to have a grounding strip maybe??? help pls..lol much app for any input..
  7. My Van So Far

    well i got it washed by the time i finneshed it was dark . ill try and get sum tomorow when the sun is setting so u can c the grill better without the leds causing blur on the cam .. the blue round thing on the dash board photo is the voice controle but its still learning geordie at the moment so u ask it to turn volume up or switch off it plays a dvd or turns the sat nav on .lol funny at times ..
  8. tienes que emplearte a fondo

  9. Ford Badge

    pre 2001 i think . .. u mean which year they changed into the solid plastic .. from the gel type .. i think it was 2001 .. my van is a 51 it has a gel badge..
  10. rs 2000 into van

    get sum picks up m8 .. liking this im also a van owner in the just starting to mod mine ..leds ..splitters etc simple stuff first .
  11. Escort Gti Mk6 Mods?????

    toataly agree with most of the above but jobs at home start with a dremmel take of both manifolds inlet and outlet as ul find welding ribs or plastic casting ribs smooth and polish these smooth. think this way when thinking of induction and exhaust . free flow!!! no ribed ducting sweeping bends try not to have too many bends either a 4 into 2 into 1 manifold is the way forward in exhaust . cost about 200 if u find a off street exhaust center. to make u 1. always think about getting a upgraded fuel pump to cope with u booting it about .. run it at a higher pressure at the fuel rail. soo fre flowing maniolds free flowing air filter (a ram induction kit) cold air intake fuel rail pressure then afer any mod to the engine tuning .. r road is best to find any flat spots. and remap and rr tune again also think of waight .... ie .. go for a spin.. then take the back seats and spare wheel out then go on the same run. let us know what u do.. good luck..
  12. Jobs Done Over The Winter So Far..

    yeh not botherd any more by bhp and waisting fuel its the endura 1.8d .. or 55d non turbo 60mph 45mpg ish dep on carrying waight ill put sum more photos up tomorow and a vid with the i.c.e on in daylight . jst added a fiesta bottom bumper upside down under my own standard bumper a lot of chopping and glue but it looks canny .even better when i get the 5" wella spots in.. +ghia chrome grill inc white leds.. the amps are now cooled by two 3" fans .whitch is now all hidden behind nice shiny white plastic got anothe rtwo strips of leds but need to dismantle headlamps to fit , just aint got time for this yet..
  13. la da da de da do dowit a fine day !!!what was that song called...

  14. Jobs Done Over The Winter So Far..

    just sum quick photos http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p95/mikep10sri/the%20van/ more to !Removed! as soon as i get a chance to wash it..
  15. Jobs Done Over The Winter So Far..

    getting there ...getting there .. got 2 10" subs in the back doors now ..paneled and fibre glassed+ painted .. just need a shed load of that expensive dead matting to stop pannel vibration lol also just wired in leds on the back .for stop and ail lights will defo take sum picks today .. looks awesome and no one can ever say they didnt c me lol