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  1. The engine came out of a Fiesta ST a year younger. I will look into the PCM like you just said
  2. No the engine had only done 13,500 miles
  3. Ye i only changed them as i had them there, didnt go out of my way to buy them. The wiring and connections are all good, was one of the first things i checked. Ok great i will have a look at that thanks!
  4. I had to change the engine on my Focus 1.6 Ecoboost. It is ruinning and driving perfect. But the engine management light keeps coming on with the code P0016. I have changed the Crank and Cam sensors and the light keep coming back on. A friend told me the injectors might be coded to the ECU, as he has a Skoda and had to take it to a Main Dealer to change an injector because they had to recode the new one. Does anyone know if the Ecoboost injectors or Engines even are coded different to different ECU's??
  5. Does anyone know if the seats from a mk6 Fieata ST would fit in the mk7 fiesta?