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  1. I was trying to break him in gently! 🤣
  2. Most of us on here with MK2's have replaced all the interior bulbs with LED/SMD ones so you get a nice bright "xenon look" (assuming you were to go for bright white and not Amsterdam red) If you have a higher spec model i.e. Ghia/Titanium then there should be a fair few bulbs to replace i.e: Front courtesy light (3 bulbs - 2 wedge type and a festoon type for the middle light) Rear courtesy light (festoon bulb) Footwell lights (1 wedge type for each footwell) The pathetic light inside the boot (wedge type - I think)
  3. The 1.8 TDCi engine was sold in significantly less numbers than the 1.6 and 2.0 TDCi's in the MK2 Focus and a fair few of those cars will have been scrapped due to old age. So you're looking at a fairly small pool of owners and I don't recall ever seeing as thread on here about changing the fuel lines on any of the TDCi's, let alone the 1.8. Are you looking at changing everything i.e. the pipes from the tank AND the pipes from/to the filter and pump?
  4. I assume your car has one of the lower output engines and as a result has the "dry clutch" DCT250 Powershift box and not the more reliable "wet clutch" DCT450. If the filte/rfluids are changed on time, the DCT450 is generally considered to be pretty reliable, the DCT250 however is another matter!
  5. Keep us posted mate, hopefully it's the final fix 🤞 to be fair the 2.0 TDCi is generally pretty reliable, it just seems that you've been rather unlucky!
  6. I suspect you'll have no choice other than to work through the whole list of PIDs on Forscan to see if any sound about right. I'm lead to believe that the DPF system essentially has a "counter" that's incremented every time you fill up with fuel and when you hit a certain figure the ECU treats the fluid/tank as empty. If the garage that previously refilled the fluid didn't reset the counter it could explain the current behaviour. Thankfully my 1.8 TDCi never had a DPF so it's not something I've had to worry about. It's definitely something you need to get sorted as a priority because DPFs don't take long to block if they can't regenerate when they need to (or at all).
  7. 1979Damian


    A nice quick/cheap fix then, which is always nice! 👍
  8. Keep on at them mate until you're happy. I had 18 months commuting from Barnsley to Milton Keynes via various hire cars (many of which were MK3.5 Focus) and can definitely vouch for the performance of the 1.0 125 BHP engine. Once it's running properly I'm sure you'll be well happy with the performance.
  9. Is it an Ecoboost i.e. turbo charged or the older naturally aspirated 1.6? If it's the latter than I wouldn't waste you time and/or money.
  10. Excellent, a relatively cheap (not serious) fix. 👍
  11. Yup, my wife's MK2.5 Zetec 1.8 HE was making a right racket and it turned out to be a simple rotted exhaust hanger.
  12. When you rev the engine does it making a hissing sound (possible boost leak, usually due to a split hose) and do you get any error messages such as the EML?
  13. https://xtrons.co.uk/ford-focus-android-9-0-pa99fsfipl
  14. Was is doing it before you had the pads changed?
  15. Is it a Ford specific model or just a standard/generic double din size unit?