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  1. I didn't say I only left it in the car for 5 minutes, I stated that I ran it in the car for the time stated on the tin PLUS 5 minutes!
  2. Well it certainly made a massive difference to the performance and responsiveness after even the mighty BG cleaner had failed. Admittedly I didn't have any emissions issues so I can't vouch for that aspect, it seemed my car's injectors really like it though 😀
  3. By "sunny" I assume you mean occasionally see the sun? 😀
  4. +1 for the above, a Terraclean transformed my grumbly old 1.8 TDCi.
  5. It depends on the clutch brand, model and how the car has been driven. My 2005 MK2 Focus 1.8 TDCi is still on it's original LUK DMF and clutch @161K miles and it's only started rattling in the last 10K miles or so.
  6. They're nowhere near as agile as the MK4 but they're more refined as a trade off.
  7. Ultimately it's under warranty so make sure you keep on at them until it's fixed!
  8. If you put your vehicle VIN into https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/ it should recognise your specfic build details and it's just a case of you navigating to the correct section to see the parts and their respective Ford part numbers.
  9. I also use wiperblades.co.uk for any wipers I need, usually have good prices and never had any problems.
  10. Ah, the "joys" of living in the south, labour at a good indi garage is only £35 up here in sunny Yorkshire
  11. Hopefully not too expensive to replace, fair play for posting back with a resolution as it might help someone else someday.
  12. The ASBO ST engine with a bluefin remap (going on your signature details)....I bet you REALLY look forward to your daily commute!