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  1. Incidentally, Sync (any version) don't have a security pin so if you ever need to disconnect the battery you don't have to worry about having to input an old school 4/6 digit code.
  2. That's interesting to note, I'd always assumed (wrongly) that the ST TDCi engine was mechanically the same as the "standard" engine.
  3. If you're car (2005) is still on the original calipers then the piston is highly likely to be heavily corroded, once this corrosion gets bad enough it makes the piston movement increasingly stiff which ultimately can stop the piston retracting, keeping the pads pressed on the disc. Over the last year I've replaced all 4 calipers on my 2005 MK2 Focus, the rears were probably salvageable but the fronts were spannered. Even though there's a protective rubber boot covering the caliper piston, over time dirt can still work it's way past the seal, plus the seals can fail which significantly accelerates the process. In short, you need to strip down your front brakes to inspect the slider pins, the main caliper piston and the runners that the pads sit in (caliper bracket). It could be a simple as the grooves where the pads sit need grinding back a bit and have been stopping the pads from moving freely.
  4. Another easy way to tell them apart is the 1.8 TDCI (the engine I've got) sounds like 30 year tractor at idle! 🤣
  5. Apart from the party political broadcast, I'd agree with everything @Botus said. The Powershift boxes fitted to the lower output engines is truly infamous for being 💩 and no amount of "good servicing" will fix that particular weakness.
  6. LUK, Valeo, Sachs = good quality/OEM grade...these brand supply most of the clutches fitted in the factory by most manufacturers. Transmech/Unbranded ebay specials = Might as well fit a DairyLea cheese triangle instead of a new clutch, it will perform about as effectively.
  7. Hi Adam, on the pre-facelift MK2 Focus the power point is at the bottom of the centre console and is ALWAYS live. It's not switched i.e. turned on and off by the ignition, this is why the dashcam being plugged in overnight flattened your car's battery. You need the dash cam to piggyback from a different fuse i.e. one that is switched rather than being on all of the time. Regarding your DPF question, the 1.8 TDCi was NEVER fitted with a DPF from the factory so you can rule out any DPF problems. If you've been to a garage and they said the DPF needed cleaning then (sadly) they're "having your pants down" and stealing your money.
  8. That's the only fluid filled mount, the others are just rubber and metal. They're all doable but it's not the time of year to laying on your back on a cold road with the car on ramps/axle stands.
  9. That's weird, if you PM me your reg I'll grab all the info and send it you over mate.
  10. Yes, on Ford's if there's a fluid filled engine mount it's always the timing side of the engine (driver's side if looking at the car and it's right hand drive). There have a been a few threads on here over the years about the MK3 Focus factory fitted mounts being too soft and/or not lasting very long.
  11. Yup EH are a total shower, just take a look at the reviews on Autotrader for virtually every branch they have. The free software is called Forscan and the "cable" you want is called a modified ELM327 cable. Pretty much everyone on here that uses Forscan (me included) bought their 327 dongle from https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/ because most of the unbranded chinese ones don't work reliably.
  12. 1979Damian

    how to

    Along with the filter itself, there's a rubber seal that has to be situated in exactly the right place when the screw lid for the filter housing is refitted. It's easy whilst doing this to move the seal off centre or pinch it, either scenario can allow a tiny amount of air into the system and because there's no lift pump in that fuel tank the high pressure pump can't pump fuel because it's trying to suck air. It's been known for even decent garages to either not fit the filter correctly or in some cases not even bother fitting it at all!
  13. I'll be paying attention to this thread because the drivers seat belt retraction on my MK2 Focus could also be described as being like a sloth so if there's a quick way of improving it I'll definitely be following suit!
  14. Glad it was a quick fix mate! 😆
  15. Have you registered for etis and as a result logging in before you search for the car or are you just searching of the basic page? The former returns a huge amount of build specific info, the latter option just shows the bare basics. (You can register free of charge)