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  1. 1979Damian

    2009 focus titanium clicking sound

    I think the Op has the 1.8 TDCi rather than the 1.8 Duratec (he mentions it's his 1st diesel in the post but his signature suggests it's the petrol). I guess we'll find out soon enough! That said, I've heard older Ford diesels making a sort of ticking noise once the engine was turned off, I'm sure someone on here said it was likely to be the EGR trying to "clean" by actuating back and forth.
  2. 1979Damian

    2009 focus titanium clicking sound

    Modern diesel engines often make a slight "ticking/clicking" noise as standard but if it's really noticeable then it's likely that something isn't quite as it should be, injectors (and the copper washers that seal them) are the usual culprit. I've got the same 1.8 TDCi engine on an early MK2 (2005) and never noticed a noticeable tick/click. The 1.8 TDCi engine is pretty much bulletproof although Siemens did supply a shockingly bad batch of injectors to Ford but I think this impacted late 2008 builds. The 2009 version of the engine also has a lower wet belt rather than chain which isn't a durable but I doubt that will have anything to do with the noise you can hear. (I've only mentioned the 2 potential weaknesses with the 2009 unit for future reference, mines of 156K miles and still on the original clutch, DMF, turbo, injector and high pressure pump.) How's the oil level and any idea when the oil, oil filter and fuel filter were last changed? Common rail diesel engines REALLY don't like a partially clogged fuel filter and on this engine it's only about £7-£8 for a genuine Bosch filter so it's not an expensive job, if it can't be sure that it's been serviced within the last 12 months I'd recommend doing it to look after the engine long term.
  3. The steering wheel on my 2005 MK2 is also fairing pretty well, the MK3s have the now trademark "squidgy" Ford steering wheel which is made out of a very different material to the MK2s.
  4. 1979Damian

    EcoBoost concerns: advice required

    The thread I was thinking of earlier is here, thanks to @JW1982 there are even diagrams/images to make it extra clear what's involved.
  5. 1979Damian

    EcoBoost concerns: advice required

    The best tip is to fit the MK3.5 (face lift) cooling kit, the details included part numbers are somewhere in the Focus forum. It's not a big job but gets you uprated hoses and a stronger plastic "t-piece". I drove a number of MK3.5 1.0 EBs as hire cars are I really enjoyed driving them, having the turbo means that they don't feel anything like the weedy old school naturally aspirated 1 litre engines of yesterday. On a long run I found I could get very good fuel economy for a petrol.
  6. 1979Damian

    Focus 1.6 tdci Air filter intake clips

    Having only had Ford engines that used jubilee clips i.e. Fiesta 1.25 and Focus 1.8 TDCi, I'll admit there were a few swear words when I had to do a couple of jobs under the bonnet on my father in law's MK2.5 1.6 TDCi. Give me "normal" old jubilee clamps any day of the week.
  7. 1979Damian


    I suspect the op hasn't got the LED headlights, having experienced them myself I can't imagine anyone complaining about their output not being up to the job. The halogens however, now that's another story. I've just looked at the Ford web site and it's showing LED headlights are only standard on Vignale with the options for ST-Line and ST-Line Edition. If that's the case it seems rather "tight" to me considering the ST-Line Edition is only 1 step from top of the line Vignale.
  8. 1979Damian

    Car not opening with remote

    Have you only got 1 key fob/remote?
  9. What kind of MPG do you get (calculated brim to brim, not using the figure the trip computer displays) and what type of journeys do you make?
  10. 1979Damian

    car over revving

    Does it tap all the time i.e. when you're driving or just after you turn the engine off?
  11. 1979Damian

    1.6 Tdci P0299

    Good man, good of you to provide an update as it might help someone else in the future.
  12. 1979Damian

    Newbie here

    Other than keeping the powertrain components in good condition i.e. fuel filter, oil, air filter, sparks plugs, HT leads etc, there really isn't much you can do to a naturally aspirated engine to increase performance, unless you wanted to spend £££.
  13. 1979Damian

    car over revving

    Did this ever happen to you before the remap?
  14. 1979Damian

    synthetic oil

    The salesman is a total kn0bend!
  15. 1979Damian

    EGR valve location

    Now worries mate, I used carb cleaner and just made sure it had all dried out before I refitted it. In the picture, the top plastic part can be easily separated to make cleaning easier, just remove the 4 screws and start spraying!