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  1. 1979Damian

    Battery Drain, strange light?

    Modern diesels give batteries a hard time, especially with all the extra "toys" that many cars come with these days. Although parasitic drain is a possibility I'd probably start off with a proper battery load test (at a garage) because IF your battery is the original then it's likely to be closer to death than anything being 6 years old. You also don't know what kind of journeys the previous owner did, if they've done lots of short journeys, especially in the winter then the battery would probably not be getting the chance to recover from a cold start. Incidentally the battery check needs to be a proper load test not just connecting up a multimeter as the battery might put out enough voltage (and look like it's okay) until it's put under stress/heavy load. If the battery comes back as still being okay then at least you can move onto checking other areas.
  2. 1979Damian

    Traffic Sign Recognition changed to KM/h

    Or pistonheads!
  3. 1979Damian

    1.0 Ecoboost Bluefin vs 1.5 Ecoboost

    The Focus is a much bigger/heavier car than the Fiesta so the "gains" are almost certainly going to be a bit less dramatic as the engine has to lump more lard around.
  4. 1979Damian

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    Yuk, I kept my old work tranny tipper cleaner than that 2nd car! Plus it's only a 2015 and had 3 owners (I guess 1 could have been a pre-reg i.e. Ford). I still wouldn't be impressed with the backseat stain on the 1st car either (for the price) but at least the rest of the car generally looks clean, not like that 2nd one where the centre console/gear shift surround looks disgusting.
  5. 1979Damian

    Main Dealer Buying Tips?

    Evans Halshaw are a total shower, just take a look at the reviews for any branch you like on Autotrader, most branches struggle to get above 1 star, even the pics for half the cars don't look like they've been properly prepared i.e. not spotless looking. Considering they ain't selling £500 15 year old bangers they really should be ashamed.
  6. 1979Damian

    17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    I wouldn't think the new issue is related to the software update/hardware changes as the "screen wash" fluid is contained within an entirely separate system to the "Engine coolant". If you didn't have the "new" issue before your car went in for the warranty work I'd definitely persevere with the dealer (it could be as simple as they may have forgotten to reconnect the sensor for the screenwash tank).
  7. As far as I'm aware the factory fit clutches were usually LUK (for the MK2 diesels at least) and as you say from the garage proudly advertising the fact, they're generally considered to be the best of the OE standard parts (by most folk it seems). Valeo are also considered to be a good brand though, I know on the diesel clutches with the dual mass flywheel's it's fairly easy for the garage to not get everything lined up properly when putting everything back together which can cause these types of issues. I don't know enough about the clutches for the Duratec engines to know how easy/difficult it is to get everything correctly aligned when fitting a replacement clutch but it may be that there wasn't anything "wrong" with the hardware they've fitted, it may just not be fitted "right". That said, I would 100% NOT want a Transmech clutch fitted, even if it was fitted "correctly" I wouldn't expect it to last that long.
  8. 1979Damian


    Yup, Varta and Bosch batteries are made in the same factory to the same specifications. Even the plastic casing is identical, both companies have the same parent company.
  9. I'd also be interested to find out if all the necessary hardware is installed in all trim levels and it's just software configuration as to which cars "get" nav.
  10. 1979Damian

    Mirror Heater Output = Battery Drain

    That sound more like a general battery "earth" fault to me. Besides disconnecting/reconnecting the battery I'd also be checking all the earthing straps (both ends) to ensure they are ALL making clean contact where they should be.
  11. I drove at least 1 Mk3.5 Focus hire car that had Sync 2 but not nav, although it could just have been broken
  12. 1979Damian

    issue with adaptive headlights

    What kind of ***** designs a lighting unit that requires "Coding" to a car? Other than an ST or ST-Line sitting slightly closer to the ground that a "regular" model I can't think of any other differences between Focus models that might be significant enough that they would impact the performance of the light unit. To me it feels like another way of Ford trying to force an owner to pay £90 p/hour at a Fraud dealer for something that really should be THAT complicated (I realise other manufacturers do similar things for the same reason).
  13. 1979Damian

    Possible turbo trouble

    +1 for the above from @Dee_82, as usual taking the time explain things properly and provide an appropriate pic to illustrate. 👏
  14. 1979Damian

    mk5 mondeo 2.0 tdci fuel

    There's more to the fuel system on a diesel than the EGR, the EGR as the name suggests recirculates exhaust gases back into the engine so it's always going to gradually build up sludgy crap regardless of the "quality" of the diesel used. I'd be more bothered about keeping the injectors in good nick and the high pressure pump lubricated. Both cost a load more than an EGR valve and typically have a far greater effect on engine performance/efficiency than the EGR valve. Granted, I also use cheaper/supermarket diesel (not Morrisons due to additional bio-diesel content) and add an additive to try and keep on top of things. My 2005 1.8 TDCi is on 151K miles and still on the same high pressure pump and injectors which may or may not be related to the additive I use but when others have reported injector issues at sub 60K miles I must be doing something right.
  15. 1979Damian


    On Ford's the battery needs to be of a certain chemistry type (silver calcium) i.e. not bog standard "lead acid" if it is, the extra voltage from the smartcharge system will slowly boil it and kill it, Halfords have a rep on here for dishing out the wrong battery type when it comes to Ford's. I'm not saying they have done this but it's just something to be aware of, if it is a lead acid battery then frankly it's done well to last 3 years.