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  1. Nice one, a free fix is always a good fix in my book! (I suspect the extra cable was probably for the ground/earth)
  2. I was just feeling left out 😁
  3. It depends what the root cause is mate, like any pressurised system, it only needs a pin head sized hole and whatever you're trying to fill the system with going to come back out in double quick time. If the system hasn't worked in years, all the seals will likely be shagged, the dryer will need replacing etc etc. Assuming the A/C bloke actually pressure tested your system 1st and it passed, then I'd assume the leak isn't THAT bad for it to not work at all straight afterwards. It's probably more likely that the root cause lies elsewhere such as the pressure switch, as mentioned earlier if the system thinks the pressure is too low it won't even try to fire up.
  4. I'm Lead Tester for a software company in Leeds (less than 30 people) and EVERYONE in the company has been working from home since lock down began. I doubt the Covid-19 has seriously impacted their ability to develop, test and deploy updated software. It's more likely to be an easy get of jail free card (for now at least).
  5. If you have got a failing turbo then you've maybe been a bit unlucky. I don't remember seeing many "my turbo is knackered" threads on here for the 2.0 TDCi engine. Modern turbos "should" last for well over 120K miles, if it turns out your turbo is at the end of it's service life then there will be a reason for it such as oil starvation/contaminated oil/driver abuse etc. If you do decide to opt for "fix" make sure you find out what the root cause was otherwise a nice new turbo is likely to meet the same end.
  6. I'm all for saving money by fitting serviceable used parts, but some parts just aren't worth it such as a DMF/clutch or A/C condenser. There's a good change the part will be damaged or near the end of it's service life so all the labour/oil/gas you've paid for all gets wasted if the "used" condenser is a little too "used".
  7. You would likely be better posting in the Fiesta forum, in part because the 1.4 TDCi engine wasn't fitted to the MK2 Focus.
  8. So if there's a tapping when using the pedal that can barely be felt (as per the Op's scenario) and the car otherwise drives fine, you'd drop £800 on a new DMF and clutch? Let alone spending £800 on a car that's only worth £500-£600 on a good day.
  9. Yup, I swapped out the seats in my wife's MK2.5 Zetec for some nice black half leathers from a MK2 Titanium. They're a LOT firmer (nicer) to sit although as a result you do feel like you're setting a bit higher than with the cloth seats.
  10. The MK3 Focus is also notorious for AC system leaks, the condenser (the smaller radiator) seems particularly vulnerable to getting punctured.
  11. Ford barely sold any 2.3 petrols in the UK, in fact I can't remember ever seeing anyone on here ask about them before. If you register for Ford ETIS https://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do you can (amongst other things) generate the various service schedules as well as check build data and if there are any outstanding recalls. Registration is free, choose the IO option and just use pretend info. (Or ask someone on here who already has access to search using your VRM/reg)
  12. @iantt is probably your best best to answer that one, it shouldn't be too long before he drops by! (usually with the answer)
  13. "No power at all" So the central locking is dead, no response to turning the ignition key, no response from the radio when using the key to turn on the electrics? You're saying that your car currently gives the appearance of not having a battery connected?
  14. There a a couple of potential vulnerabilities when changing the fuel filter on a 1.8 TDCi engine. The large rubber o-ring needs to be in the correct place AND in the "lid" of the fuel filter holder there's a small o-ring that goes round the thing in the centre. When removing the old filter it's easy to pop this little seal off and not realise, plus a lot of non Ford brand filters don't include the o-ring so you'd never know you've lost it. Both of these are enough on their own to cause starting/running problems. Forscan is really useful for starting issues, for a kick off once the PIDs is for something like "StartEnable" and it's Yes/No so if you monitor the start PID whilst cranking you can see whether the ECU is even trying to start the car. (Unless the fuel rail reports pressure above a certain level, the ECU won't actually try to start the car and you'll just end up cranking.
  15. I 100% agree, when I bought the wife's MK2.5 1.8 Focus the A/C wasn't great and after a recharge, the difference was immediate.