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  1. There are several common leak issues but for different generations of Focus: MK2/MK2.5 Focus hatchback can leak via the spoiler mounting holes as well as where the wiring for the rear light clusters enters the bodywork. MK3 Focus hatchback can (usually does) leak via a vent hidden under either side of the rear bumper. Either issue is specific to just that generation of Focus, although the search functionality for this forum is total crap, a quick search should return a lengthy/detailed forum thread about the rear bumper leaks on your generation of Focus, the thread includes step by step instructions/pictures from people who have carried out a repair that seems to permanently resolve the issue. Edit - It's pretty much the 1st stickied thread on the Focus forum, the pictures are spread across a few posts both if you work through the pages that make up the thread you should have a solid idea as to what causes the issue and what needs to be done to fix it.
  2. I'd be VERY surprised if one exists, the Focus CC only sold low number so I doubt it would have made financial sense for a company to develop/produce a solution for such as niche model.
  3. To be fair to Fiesta, it was really only the last year when it started to give me issues. With it being my 1st car I wasn't aware when I bought it that Fiesta's on that generation were notorious (even by Ford standards) for rust worm. I'd say Ford well and truly paid me back for my loyalty with my MK2 Focus, so we'll have to see where I go when she finally goes pop. Currently I'm fancying a MK4.5 Mondy TitX Sport with the 197 BHP diesel engine. Years ago when I used to work on the tools (building trade) I used to often get to drive the site manager's car when he wanted the van for the weekend and the MK4 (even just Zetec on standard suspension) always amazed me how it could handle more like a Focus despite being a VERY big car. It got even better for me when one of the contract managers lent me his 2.2 TDCI Titanium X, the amount of torque that engine chucks out is mental. It can go properly quickly when you need it to but due to the torque it can also be really relaxing to drive when you're not in a rush.
  4. Nice one, excellent news. You can pretty much sit back and enjoy your little ASBO now (once you're sorted the underbody).
  5. I replaced the wings on my MK2 a few years ago because they were rotting through at the bottom and I found the 2 bolts you mentioned a royal pain to remove without snapping them. Have you tried calling TrustFord as I've found in the past they can usually get hold of tricky little parts but be prepared to pay "Ford" prices and if you do get round to doing the job, be prepared for the possibility that 1 or more bolts may snap and need to be drilled out/retapped etc.
  6. Too right, when I part ex'd my old MK4 face lift Fiesta Ghia for my MK2 Focus, I'll got £300 for it even though it had a noticeable misfire AND a noticeable power steering fluid leak AND the rear arches/sills were comprised of at least 40% rust! 😁 I can't imagine that anyone ever gets a sensible deal from WBAC.
  7. WBAC evidently use the "Ryanair" approach to customers i.e. expected to get bent over big style, rather like Evans Halshaw come to think of it. (Most of their "confirmed" reviews on Autotrader are an absolute disgrace!)
  8. LOL, I've just edited the post to say "NOT dated", good spot mate 😁
  9. When I saw your pictures, my 1st thought was "***** hell, he loves a good smoke doesn't he!" 🤣
  10. Hi mate, I used to regularly drive a MK3.5 Focus with that engine on long commutes from Sheffield to Milton Keynes and always found the engine to be smooth and without any "flat spots" i.e. where the power seems to pause for a split second. Modern cars can easily be upset by the tiniest thing so (especially if it's under warranty) you really need the car read for error codes (DTCs), if any are found these might point at an area of concern. Unfortunately DTCs are NOT dated so they could be present for years so really you want any codes clearing and then see how you get on, that way if you have the codes read again further down the line you know that any codes that show up are actually new and potentially relevant. Oh and don't go to Ford to have the codes read, they'll likely charge you £80+ just to read/clear the codes. I'd recommend either a decent independent garage or you could purchase an ELM327 dongle and Forscan lite software (Android or IOS) OR an ELM327 cable/dongle and Windows Forscan software to read/clear the codes yourself. If you search this forum for ELM327 you should find a good few threads with more info on this option and above all, don't panic, if there was something seriously wrong with the car it would usually manifest itself in more obvious ways such as really poor running and/or permanently illuminating the engine management light.
  11. I wonder if the Op just lifted a pic off of the internet rather than going out to his car to take a pic (I guess all will be revealed shortly!) 😀
  12. As per the comments by @Albert27 I'd give the diesel MK3's a miss, if you need a diesel and can't stretch to a MK3.5 (the face lift version), to be honest I'd suggest you look elsewhere. The MK3's just seem to have a lot of "niggly" issues, like the vulnerability of the AC system to leaks and Ford's crappy engine mapping that can make pulling off a bit tricky. Unfortunately, the "pull off" issue also seems to affect the 2.0 TDCi which is a shame really because that engine has plenty of shove. (oh and the 8v 1.6 TDCi still shares an unfortunate habit with it's older 16v brother of wearing injectors out earlier than expected.
  13. Which engine have you got, most turbo diesels trigger the EML when the car detects a lack of air flow through the EGR. I know from person experience that the 1.8 TDCi is happy to be blanked but I'm not sure about the 1.6 and 2.0 Peugeot units. If it's only a 5 minutes job to remove the plate then I guess you've not got anything to lose by giving it a try.
  14. The other common faults on this engine are: The PCV valve and hose perish and stop working, the parts are hidden inside the inlet manifold so the whole manifold has to come off to replace them. The 2 valves that control the runners can fail, although from the Op's more recent comment it looks like they've been changed.
  15. Autoexpress.co.uk do an annual group test of various all weather tyres so you can see which ones offer a good balance of wet, dry, snow grip AND economy i.e. low rolling resistance. The late 2019 version can be found here.