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  1. +1 for what @TomsFocus said. I've also found Eicher to be , in terms of the brand that ECP stock I'd say go with Pagid. Definitely don't get Bosch discs, they rust last a b***ard, the middle section of the disc ends up looking after just 3-4 months.
  2. You really should start your own thread, rather than resurrecting a thread that has been dead for over 4.5 years.
  3. Beautiful, I love that colour as well. I don't see many Ford's kicking about in that colour.
  4. Not heard of that one before, talkford.com used to be a Mondeo only forum before it became general Ford stuff so it might be worth visiting the Mondeo section on there.
  5. It shouldn't be possible to generate a "real" pressure reading of 0.0 KPA with the engine running, there's always going to be some back pressure due to the internal structure of the DPF. It appears that the ECU isn't receiving a reading (at all) from the DPF, I'm not intimately familiar with the technical config of your DPF but the sensor AND the wiring loom it attaches to would be my suggestion as the next place to look.
  6. Have you not got the owners book? If not, you should be able to download a copy from https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/my-vehicle/download-your-manual
  7. Nice one, love a nice easy fix!
  8. That'll give a few Audi drivers something to think about when they decide they want to go racing! (after all, they do generally think that they personally own the roads)
  9. If the receipt is from the garage that actually carried out of the work, I'd suggest contacting the garage and requesting they produce a more detailed breakdown. If there was a "middle man" and the receipt if from that party, they would be the people you need to contact. It's a perfectly reasonable request so I can't see why the appropriate party wouldn't produce it when requested.
  10. You're fine mate, the MOT definitely doesn't include connecting any sort of ODB2 reader and on more recent cars as long as certain dashboard lights such as ABS or EML aren't permanently lit then you're sorted.
  11. Also, subjectively 2006 builds seem to have the highest incident rate for this issue.
  12. If you put your VIN into https://ford.7zap.com/en/car/ it will give you build specific info and once you've found the right page it will list all the part numbers for each 3D diagram. Over the years I've used it loads of times for carious MK2 Focus parts without any problems.
  13. FordETIS, you need to register as an IO (this is free and you just have to make up some information until the online form is happy). You can use it without registering but the info is limited to the bare basics.