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  1. Yup, it's tricky. You either go the Ford route to keep the existing functionality or go aftermarket to get DAB+ etc but potentially lose some of the factory functionality.
  2. It should definitely fit mate, I recently upgraded my wife's 1.8 MK2.5 Focus to a Bosch S5 without any problems. An in terms of the increased battery capacity, think of it like using a bigger bucket. it will initially take longer to fill but once full it only takes the same amount to refill as the smaller bucket (assuming neither is getting heavily depleted, which they shouldn't be unless something is wrong). You just end up with a MUCH bigger reserve of power.
  3. Fitting an EGR blank doesn't usually trigger the EML on the 1.8 TDCi engine. Over the years, a number of people on here have stated they've had one fitted without issue. I've had one fitted on my MK2 Focus 1.8 TDCi for about 6 years without issue. On a semi related note, I took it off after 2 years just to check how much crap it had blocked and it has a 4mm thick layer of carbon/crap on it, which was all crap that would have otherwise ended up back in my engine!
  4. In this instance, I'd say that's more a case of "being tight as f*ck!" 😁
  5. I guess it fixed itself, or the op fell off the face of the planet?!?
  6. Interesting. Most of the symptoms could be either an injector fault OR a small amount of air getting into the system, unfortunately it's not always easy to tell which is actually the root cause. Don't forget to let us know how you get on.
  7. Isn't that the sensor that has a little fan to ensure that air always flows over the sensor?
  8. Nice one, on the up side, the 2WD version is a bit lighter so it'll be a little better on fuel.
  9. I'm assuming the op actually means MK3, the MK4 never had an ST model. And to answer his question it's surely got to either be ebay or partsgateway.co.uk
  10. You can either go for a branded double din head unit e.g. Pioneer or JVC etc or go for an Android based (chinese) head unit such as the unit I purchased from Xtrons for my MK2 Focus. The big name units will likely need less configuration/setup to get working how you want but you won't have the options to customise/add apps etc The Xtrons units (and similar from other brands) will required a bit more config i.e. installing your favourite satnav app etc but tend to work out about half the price of the big name units for similar features. Because the units run on Android you can install virtually any apps you want i.e. Angry Birds for when you're picking up your GF/life partner and he/she is running late! 😁
  11. Apart from being years out of date, with a small (by modern standards) screen and with a button layout that looks like a 5 year old machine gunned the dashboard when deciding how many buttons to have and where to have them. Besides that, it's great! Joking aside, even Sync 2 is a decent step forward from Sync 1/1.1 but if you're going to upgrade I'd definitely go for Sync 3 if possible.
  12. 2009 builds are right in the sweet spot for the sub-standard injector batches.
  13. The MK2.5 radio surround just "pops out", as you found out, the MK2 surround is rather more thoroughly secured! As a side note, if he feels "triggered" by THIS forum, I'd love to see how he'd get on with PistonHeads! 🤣
  14. You clearly don't know Wilco very well then! 😁
  15. I remember there being a thread on here where someone was able to source and install a replacement part for the internal mechanism. Although the mechanism was free to move i.e. not jammed, it had actually failed so wasn't actuating when it should have been. The search functionality on the forum is rather crappy but you should be able to find the thread without too much of a problem (famous last words).