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  1. As much as I enjoy my Ford's, if my current car HAD to be replaced ASAP and my needs were best served by something around the age/size/price of a MK3 (pre-facelift) then I think I'd end up going elsewhere.
  2. Unfortunately that engine suffers from excessive piston ring wear, especially when a previous owner hasn't kept the oil clean. In terms of the PCV valve/hose combo, the valve getting stuck/blocked as well the hose going weak so it can collapsed can both cause major running issues. I'm afraid the only way to get at the valve and hose is by removing the entire inlet manifold and that involves a lot of unclipping looms, disconnecting electrical connectors and removing bolts.
  3. To be honest I'd personally give the MK3 a swerve, especially as early build. Although the MK3.5s seemed to improve things somewhat (and will bne well outside your price range), the MK3s (especially the early ones) seemed prone to amongst other things: Weak clutches (multiple reports of clutches wearing out in less than 30K miles) Leaking clutches (full replacement needed due to contamination) Various electrical issues Major drivability (pull away) issues (only certain engines I think) They have that "lovely" centre console which looks like someone used a machine gone to add 576 tiny different buttons to it.
  4. The cracks can be just hairline/tiny so you'll need the engine revving to try and generate a little boost. That way you'll have half a chance of feeling warm air being blow over your hand as you're feeling round the engine bay, the 1.8 TDCi in my Focus has a little 90 degree house which is known for going brittle and cracking on the underside (where you can't see it), until I had someone rev and hold the engine at about 3.5K RPM I could feel anything wrong.
  5. Good luck mate, don't forget to post back with how you get on!
  6. Wow, you're super unlucky mate. The 2.0 TDCi engine is generally considered to be pretty solid and even the PowerShift isn't too bad as long as it's the DCT450 (fitted to the larger power output engines) and not the crappy dry clutch dct250 (the infamous one that is known for being dog plop). All dual clutch gearboxes are really sensitive to having their fluid and filter changed and sadly it's one of the common places for owners to cut corners. Fingers crossed this is the end of your saga mate!
  7. Not sure on the root cause but it should work as expected, definately make sure you get it fixed whilst the car in uder warranty.
  8. A remap (done properly) can make a world of difference to performance and general driveability.
  9. WOW, that's awful. I can't say I remember seeing a previous thread on here for that issue if I'm honest. Is it out of it's Ford warranty?
  10. If his forskin DOES know the VIN of the car, does that make it "multi-skilled"? 🤔
  11. Since when? The factory fit turbo is made by Garrett.
  12. The MK1 Vauxhall Insignia was infamous for the EB sticking on. A woman who lived across the road couldn't get hers to shift one morning (motability car) so 2 blokes from Reg Vardy came and pretty much burnt the clutch out trying to get it to play ball, the poor car was only 2 weeks old!
  13. If you didn't live so far away I could fix that! (I work in IT and used to refurb laptops before flogging them on fleabay). The touchpad mechanism on most laptops is fairly easy to replace (if you know what you're doing) but I does mean disassembling the laptop to get at it, which is beyond the skillset of the average user. Incidentally what brand and model is it?
  14. No, the join is up behind the clutch pedal so even if you zip tie the clutch pedal down to create a bit more space, it's still really tight and awkward. Also, the pipes can move a little (through the bulkhead) when you apply pressure so when you're trying to push the pipes back together you'll likely need someone to hold the pipes in place (via the engine bay) otherwise when you apply pressure they'll likely slide further away from you.
  15. Before I blanked mine a few years ago I used Wynns EGR cleaner to try and clear some of it our 1st. The engine will runs well now and is currently averaging 53 MPG, as long as you folow the instructions on the can then I can't see why you would have any problems. Blanking mine made a noticeable difference in terms of drivability, it also seems to throw a lot less "soot" out of the exhaust when booted.