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  1. 1979Damian

    Focus 1.8tdci 2008 loosing coolant

    Have you check the drivers side footwell? The pipes from the heater matrix behind the dash through the bulkhead to the engine bay are known for leaking (if you have the type that are jointed in the middle). It's easy to tell which type you have, you'd be looking for 2 aluminium pipes to the left of the clutch pedal, if they're "jointed" there'll be a black "clip" around each pipe which holds the pipes together.
  2. 1979Damian

    Help! 07 zetec mondeo

    Modern cars need plenty of electrical power and really don't like power drop outs or simply not being supplied with the electric power the ECU expects. BEfore paying a good chunk of change for a new alternator I'd be tempted to charged the battery (assuming you have an external charger) as the alternator could be find and it could just be the battery that is no longer accepting a good enough charge (or any charge).
  3. 1979Damian

    2014 headlight unit swap

    +1for the above. I used to drive MK4's regularly at night on unlit roads and never thought there were any issues with the factory fit reflector headlights.
  4. 1979Damian

    Ecoboost, Zetec, powershift - which one?

    There are 2 Powershift boxes for the MK3 Focus, the DCT450 model is apparently solid, the DCT250 is the problem child and do yourself a favour and just avoid it. @iantt and others will hopefully be along shortly to advise on which engines have the option of DCT450 fitted.
  5. 1979Damian

    2014 headlight unit swap

    2014 was the cross over year between the MK4 and MK5 with the MK5 being the model affected by the crap reflector headlights. Could you confirm which one yours is?
  6. 1979Damian

    MK4 with 2L Duratec HE

    I believe the swirl flap issue was resolved for the launch of the 1.8/2.0 Duratec MK4 Mondeo. He could really do with being able to use Forscan to monitor a few things whilst he's driving to give him a more solid starting point. I know there are 2 solenoids on that engine that control the actuation of the swirl flaps and if one fails (depending on which 1) it can cause the low rev misbehaviour. As an easy test I'd suggest he swaps the 2 solenoids round (or the vacuum hoses if they'll reach) and see if the engine runs better at lower revs (I'm assuming that at least 1 of the solenoids is working properly).
  7. 1979Damian

    Vignale spanner light

    It's possible Ford didn't reset the service indicator properly and it's based on mileage so maybe it's linked to the "62500 miles" service.
  8. 1979Damian

    Help! 07 zetec mondeo

    It does sound a lot like an earth or electrical issue.
  9. 1979Damian

    Warning light

    You really need to know DTC (error code) has triggered the warning light (as a starting point to diagnose it). If you don't want to pay a garage for them to plug your car into a computer to read it off you have the option of purchasing a modified ELM cable and some free software called Forscan. There is plenty of info regarding this option to be found within the Forum if you're interested, it also allows you to do a lot more than this so you potentially have future value out of your purchase. @Tdci-Peter has a really useful standard "blurb" that has been used a few times regarding the above option.
  10. 1979Damian

    Mk4 mondeo ecoboost engine failure

    Great result, I can't wait to see the pictures!
  11. 1979Damian

    Focus DAB upgrade

    I've been using a £15 Pioneer windscreen mounted aerial for about 9 months, if it's fitted properly i.e. so it's earthed I've found the DAB reception to be pretty good and the FM better than the crappy signal I had with the factory fit Ford roof mounted aerial. I would so though that in my experience a windscreen mounted aerial is no substitute for a proper active roof mounted DAB aerial, in some areas with a weaker DAB signal I get signal drop outs where as the Focus hire cars I was driving a lot last year would hold onto the signal more often than not.
  12. The 16 year old lad on work experience designed it, now that Ford has a full on spanner heading up Ford USA it's his latest big idea to cut costs (besides only making trucks and Mustangs).
  13. 1979Damian

    Focus DAB upgrade

    Very few people on here will have spent their time taking apart one of the Ford factory fit head units, they're usually pretty poor features wise compared to a £50 Halfords special (which is the route I imagine many will take if their Ford factory unit starts to misbehave).
  14. 1979Damian

    17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Or they would be in the UK at least. (Tw*ts)
  15. 1979Damian

    Rear Wash Wipe

    I assume it's similar to the windscreen jets, assuming it is, if you use a regular needle (anything really thin) you can easily adjust the location of the jet. The smallest adjustment really makes a difference though so be prepared to spent a good few minutes fiddling until you're happy!