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  1. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus mk4

    It's the only way for us (and you) to truly know if your car is getting anywhere near that figure!
  2. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus mk4

    You'll surely have to do a brim to brim measurement to see what your actual MPG is, if it's anything close to that then that would be amazing.
  3. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    The USBDAB01 dongle is for digitial radio (DAB/DAB+) only, the only "internet" capability the head unit has (without buying the 4G dongle) is through wifi. For the DAB radio dongle to work it also needs to be connected to the supplied DAB antenna.
  4. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    Reyt, well 1st things first. The dongle is purely for DAB/DAB+ radio, when the dongle is plugged into one of the USB ports on the head unit it should automatically install a stock app called "DAB+", this app may already be installed. The "stock" version of the app is a generic version that is less than great. A software developer called "Zoulou" has been regularly updating and rewriting the source code to steadily improve the app, it used to have to be manually installed off a USB/microSD card but is now on the play store as an app called "DAB-Z". So assuming that everything works with the "DAB+" app, the next thing I'd do is uninstall the stock DAB+ app and then install DAB-Z from Google Play store. The 1st time the app (either app) loads you need to set off a station search, it'll take about 2 minutes or so and then you'll have all the detected stations to choose from. Zoolou's version of the app is also a lot better for things like if you want to add a logo pack for the radio stations and signal retention ability etc. Regarding the sat sav, have you got the GPS receiver plugged into the head unit and if so, where have you got the receiver situated? (I put mine at the inside bottom of the passenger side a pillar, good solid reception and out of sight, with the cable running behind the glove box and up to the head unit). The head unit has a basic app for testing the GPS signal, I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head but assuming the receiver is plugged into the head unit I'd suggest running the app (you should easily be able to find it in your main app list) to see what reception it's getting for the various satellites it should be picking up. (At least we'll know if you're head unit is picking up a GPS signal and how strongly). Regarding the other point (Google), if you mean "connecting to the internet", the head unit has wifi capability and a decent antenna it just needs connecting to a network e.g. home, just like you would with a phone, tablet or laptop. Xtrons do also offer a 4G dongle that you can put a data sim in but it's really not necessary in my opinion as long as you have a smartphone with at least a few 100MB off data allowance each month. Just use wifi to do any big app updates and put your phone in hotspot mode when driving so it can ping for data (things like traffic updates etc). To minimise the data use by the head unit I downloaded a navigation app that allows you to download maps offline i.e. wifi (Google Maps Offline) and then the only (phone/cellular) data the head unit will use is the tiny amount from when it pings for a traffic update.
  5. 1979Damian

    Drums to disks

    @isetta I suspect the Op means that rear drums "look" rather on a modern car as large as a Focus (in most people's opinion it seems), especially with how "open" the design is for many of the wheels.
  6. 1979Damian

    Nexen Tyre Fitters?

    I also used BlackCircles earlier this year for supply and fit of 2 Nokian Weatherproof tyres. At the time it was less than £10 (in total) more expensive to include fitting than some places were offering on just supplying the tyres.
  7. 1979Damian

    MOT failure and general Mk2 questions

    @dtulip8 this recent thread has some information on the 1.8 TDCi and 2.0 TDCi MK2 Focus engines that you might find useful in terms of picking which engine to go far and what to look out for.
  8. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus mk4

    A large part if it (not just Ford) is the way that the official MPG figures are worked out for vehicles that are sold in the EU i.e. the tests are lab based, not at all realistic in relation to "real world" driving, the manufactures can do their own testing and also do naughty things like over inflate the tyres/run with minimum fluid, remove the spare wheel if fitted etc. The newly introduced system which is supposed to be far more representative of real world driving, should hopefully improve things so the "official" MPG figures should be closer to what a person could actually achieve in real life. I'm sure there will still be ways for the manufacturers to bend the rules but I guess only time will tell if the "average" person starting being able to get closer to the official MPG figures for their car.
  9. 1979Damian

    Focus advice needed

    My personal ten-peneth (for what it's worth): 1.8 TDCi * Positive - No DPF (never had one) * Positive - Cast iron head and is extremely tough/durable * Positive - The lower timing is chain not belt so only the top "timing" belt should ever need to be changed, as long as oil changes have been done roughly when they should have been. (The lower chain was changed to a belt sometime in 2007 which isn't that big of a deal it just means that you'd need to make sure that a garage knows to do both belts if you were "having the timing belt done") * Positive - Other than a period on the facelift model Focus where Siemens supplied substandard injectors, the engine doesn't seem to have many inherent issues. * Negative - The injector issue on some late 08/early 09 builds (injectors are EXPENSIVE parts, especially if you need 4 of them!) * Negative - Not the most refined sounding engine * Negative - A relatively short (intercooler hose) that carries hot air can weaken and leak, a more durable silicone replacement cost around £10 and can be fitted just using a screwdriver (not hard). (To be fair this can happen on most diesels, the original hose material is just a bit too "plastic" and it eventually cracks). I run a MK2 (pre facelift) 1.8 TDCi and the engine is still going strong at 13.5 years old, 154K miles on the clock (original clutch, injectors, fuel pump, turbo etc). 2.0 TDCi * Positive - DPF was optional so there are plenty of them kicking about having left the factory without a DPF * Positive - Feels a lot more powerful than the 1.6 TDCi and 1.8 TDCi power units * Positive - Sounds more refined than the 1.8 TDCi units * Positive - It's a different engine design to the 1.6 TDCi so it doesn't suffer from the oil starvation issues * Positive - It's a different engine design to the 1.6 TDCi so it doesn't suffer from the issue that can kill the injectors prematurely * Positive - 6 speed manual gearbox as standard which helps MPG etc * Negative - Not quite a good on fuel as a 1.8 TDCi (when both are running properly) but personally I think the extra performance more than makes up for it Although I've driven the 2.0 TDCi a few times I've not owned one so my above comments regarding the engine are just what I've noticed from being on here for years. I like my 1.8 TDCi, but if I was choosing now I'd go for a 2.0 TDCi as long a it had decent service history (mainly the oil changes) and definitely no DPF! (you can check a VRM on FORDetis to see if it's got a factory fitted DPF.
  10. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus mk4

    To be fair the Focus (compared to the Fiesta) has more power, is bigger and heavier than the Fiesta so unless something amazing was done to the larger car (e.g. witchcraft/black magic/voodoo etc) it's always going to do less MPG when directly compared to a smaller lighter car that uses similar power units (when compared like for like i.e. same journey, similar conditions and similar driving style).
  11. 1979Damian

    Ford Focus Sat Nav Unit

    I thought you'd like it mate. If I remember correctly, the ACC (ignition) feed (I think it's the red cable) has 2 options when coming FROM the headunit, on the harness there's the ACC cable and 1 or 2 others that terminate in some sort of little "push fit" fitting. This fitting can either plug into the main loom which ultimately connects directly into the big Ford quadlock connector or it can be plugged into the little canbus (steering wheel control) box, I think the ACC wiring has to go to the canbus box rather than the main loom so that the head unit button illumination is linked to whether you have the exterior lights on. I've just got mine set to stay on all the time (or at least, all the time when the head unit is powered on).
  12. 1979Damian

    Car going into limp home mode

    There are 2 very similar messages, 1 is purely a indicator to advise that a service is due and can easily be reset. The other is an indication of a potential problem which is what I believe the type that you've shown is, you really need to have the car checked to see what stored error codes/DTC's are present. Rather than paying a garage you can do it yourself if you have a Windows laptop (using freeware Forscan software and a modified ELM327 cable). There's plenty of info on here about the Forscan stuff if you're interested in that option, amongst other things is allows you to read and reset DTC's as well as perform certain service procedures and monitor pretty much any sensor on the car.
  13. 1979Damian

    bi xenons on my titanium x

    Maybe there is a design difference (internally) for the MK3/MK3.5 Focus between the pre and post facelift bi-xenon units?
  14. 1979Damian

    Trying to find out what a hose is called !!

    Silicone is really resilient and highly unlike to fail when used for this purpose, unlike the original plastic/rubber hybrid hose. I replaced mine about 4 years ago with an ebay special (they're about £12 now) and it's still going strong so I honestly wouldn't worry about paying extra for warranties.