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  1. Few questions: 2006 1.6 Zetec auto

    The heater/fan speed issue will almost certainly be the resistor, I recently replaced mine which fixed the issue nicely. In terms service, the non VCT version of the 1.6 (the really slow one) is a pretty straightforward/reliable engine so as far as I know it's just the regular petrol service item type stuff. I'm not sure on the auto box question, I know a lot of Ford customers in the US change their fluid once they get to a decently high mileage when thye have the older style "slushbox". Regarding front brake discs and pads, I think your car has 2 potential disc sizes. Brand wise a fair few on here have used Pagid or Mintex as value for money solutions without any major issues.
  2. 2006 Focus - worth fixing?

    Unfortunately the DV6 1.6 diesel (Peugeot based) engine is well known for the issue you've had, I don't envy your financial pain economy wise having to go back to the 2 litre Duratec (at least it doesn't have a cambelt to change)
  3. 1ltr Ecoboost for the motorway?

    Lol, it doesn't quite work like that with a modern engine. As long as it's getting services when it should and not booted until warmed up you should be good to go.
  4. You'll be shopping within a VERY limited pool. I've never seen one in the metal and out of all the ST-170s on Autotrader at the moment, only 1 is an estate. The paintwork is dog rough and the interior needs a good clean.
  5. Ford Focus mk4

    IF that's true, then that's a bit crap seeing as the multi link rear suspension is a large part of what made the MK1 Focus so incredible compared to a flabby Golf and rattly Astra of the day.
  6. DIAFPS sensor

    The 2.2 TDCi is as far as I know based on the 2.0 TDCi (same block etc), so I'd assume the ancillaries are also the same. Have you tried comparing the 2.0 parts of the Haynes manual to your engine to check?
  7. fords sensors

    Ford usually use Bosch for their MAF/MAP type sensors.
  8. DIAFPS sensor

    It stands for "Diesel Intake Air Flow Position Sensor", if you google that term and "too low" you'll get a few matches which should point you in the right direction.
  9. Have you also got it showing on the Climate screen?
  10. 2006 focus 2.0 petrol-losing all its oil

    Could the bottom of the dipstick pipe/tube be blocked? (I don't know if the bottom of the dipstick extends past the end of the tube and actually into the sump when fully inserted, or whether it is still fully enclosed within the dipstick tube and the oil from the sump "usually" flows up the tube to meet the dipstick.)
  11. Make sure you keep on at them, you've paid for the feature by paying for a Vignale. When it's been sub zero all night it makes an early work start a bit more tolerable if you don't have to wear gloves for the 1st 5-10 minutes of driving!
  12. 2015 Mondeo M-type Fuse

    Ah, there is a word to describe Ford UK's idea of "customer service" and it rhymes with the word "TANK!".....Ford=
  13. Not much as far as I'm aware, the engine is tried a tested (uses the new and more robust type cDPF), bodywork/paintwork is usually pretty sturdy. The only thing I can think of is there have been cases report of the key less start acting up, other than that I'd say just the usual used car stuff i.e. service history (for a diesel I'd be especially interested in the oil change intervals) and the cambelt is due @ 125K miles so depending on what mileage you're going to be doing it might come round fairly soon.
  14. This is a screenshot of what the Sync 3 screen should look like if you have the heated steering wheel option (from the latest owners guide off the Ford web site). I'd be taking yours back to the dealer and asking WTF even their own web site says it's a standard feature on the Vignale.
  15. Mondeo Climate Control Not Working

    Thanks for posting back, it might help someone else out in the future.