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  1. Quick question from a ‘newbie’

    The latest Ford diesels (in the larger cars at least) come with the much stronger and more reliable DCT-450 box, other than having to have the transmission fluid (and possibly the filter in the box) changed every 3 years (I'm fairly sure it's every 3 years) you should be fine transmission wise. I reckon 15 miles each way on A roads is probably borderline for the DPF (engine will get up to full temp even when it's -2C outside but you'll probably be 5 miles into your journey so doesn't give the engine that long to run at it's proper operating temperature. As long as you were also doing at least 1 longer run every month you'd likely be fine, especially with the "coated" DPFs which are a lot more robust than the crappy 1st gen ones fitted to many of the older Ford TDCi units, no more silly 75K miles top ups of the nasty DPF fluid etc.
  2. mk2 ford focus st225 headlining

    I'd hazard a semi-educated guess at it being the water feed hose for the rear screen washer.
  3. 1.6 Diesel Focus mk3 loosing coolant?

    Although the 1.6 TDCi does have a number of issues, internal fluid loss was never one of them, you've also got the revised engine (MK3 Focus) which it seems has had the more serious issues ironed out. How does it run at low revs, what colour are the exhaust gases (white CAN be bad as it means there's moisture in the exhaust gases but this can be normal when an engine is warming up from cold....if it's white once up to temp I'd be rather more worried). Oh and as daft as it may sound, do the exhaust gases smell "sweet" i.e. like antifreeze?
  4. If I get home from work early enough today I'll take a look at mine and take a pic. (Mines a MK2 1.8 TDCi but I would expect these pipes to be the same or at least very similar).
  5. Focus ST Line 1.5 Ecoboost 150/182ps

    I'm sure there have been multiple reports in the past on here of users with the 150 PS version finding that they're virtually getting the 182 PS output as stock.
  6. Asking Ford was the 1st mistake! A quick search on Euro Car parts has several non Ford branded filters at around £60ish. I've used Autodoc before for parts without any issues, they usually have a good range and despite delivering from Germany are usually cheaper than most UK base suppliers, I've linked to the filter that seems to be right for your car (Bosch rather than some of the crappier brands, the Bosch one including delivery is still less than £42) MK4 Mondeo 2.2 TDCI fuel filter Oh and even FordPartsUK want nearly £34 when I can get a Bosch one for £7...car manufacturers REALLY take the p**s!
  7. As @pragmatixstates above, the Titanium bit is just the trim level and there aren't that many Titanium X's kicking about so it's no wonder you have been struggling to find one!
  8. There have been plenty of people on here that have solved start issues and/or lumpy running on a TDCi engine by changing the fuel filter, my 1.8 TDCi only takes a paper ones (£7 for genuine Bosch) so mine gets done every 6 months and still looks rank when it comes out.
  9. Help mk2 focus 1.8tdci turbo problem

    DTC/codes would be a good start, depening on which codes have been triggered it can give a solid indication of sticking vanes e.g. if you have under and over boost DTC's then there's a decent chance it's just the VNT sticking.
  10. TDDI diesel running back

    What engine is it?
  11. Potential purhase Zetec S Mk2.5

    Also, although the 1.8 TDCi isn't the most refined engine in the world, it's got shove when booted and it doesn't have a crappy DPF.
  12. No worries, when i get chance in the morning I'll plug my laptop into my car and see what PIDs I can see that might be useful (I can't remember if the START one is purely related to fuel rail pressure but I'll check and post back).
  13. Modern ECU's will typically prevent actual startup when cranking if certain parameters aren't within a set range. I know from using Forscan on my MK2 Focus 1.8 TDCi that if the fuel rail pressure isn't above a certain figure there is a specific code/PID that is YES/NO, YES = as far the ECU is concerned it will try to start the car and NO = no matter how long I crank it won't start. I'm not saying your issue is fuel related but if could monitor the START YES/NO pid when you're having problems you'll at least be able to see if the ECU is ACTUALLY trying to start your car or if "computer says no". If the PID is saying NO in this instance at least you have the 1st piece of the puzzle as to why the car won't start, although figuring out from that point which snesor reading is far enough out of spec to prevent engine start up could be a bit more tricky.
  14. HOW TO: SYNC2 --> SYNC3 upgrade

    One again, you're the man! Another great guide which surely should be getting stickied shortly!
  15. Acceleration issues mk2.5 AT

    What engine have you got in the car?