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  1. You might struggle to get an answer on here as I don't often see posts from Focus CC owners, I don't know if it's going to be any better but have you also checked the TalkFord site?
  2. NGK make very good spark plugs so as long as you get the correct spec plugs you don't need to worry about that aspect of things.
  3. Is the part from a decent 3rd party manufacturer such as Lemforder, Febi, Moog, KYB etc or an "ebay no name special"? If it's the latter then I'm afraid it's likely to be the part is just a crap fit, if the part is a correct fit then you shouldn't have too much of an issue getting it aligned and bolted up.
  4. No worries mate. I have to admit I'm making a conscious effort to let things slide that I wouldn't ordinarily (driving wise) on the basis that people are more stressed/distracted than "normal" although it does stop me occasionally wanting to beat some moron savagely! (It's usually an Audi driver that's decided that red lights are a suggestion, rather than something that needs to be obeyed)
  5. Plus the engines that had the incorrect head gasket fitted should all have been recalled and fixed free of charge (in the UK at least), I assume you guys in Ireland have something similar to the VOSA web site where you can check for outstanding recalls via the vehicle reg?
  6. That won't test the wiring, which by far the most likely culprit.
  7. It's a shame some people have to be d1cks, especially when it's aimed at someone who hasn't don't anything wrong. Sounds like the so called "lady" you encountered deserved what in Barnsley is called a "f*ck off tablet"
  8. I suspect you'll have to factory reset the unit, just as you would on a mobile phone.
  9. I'd also be more inclined to think it was the clutch/DMF, it's done plenty of miles according to the Op.
  10. Do yourself a favour and find a good independent (local) garage that is familiar with working on newer Ford cars. It should be a lot less expensive than Ford and even if they just follow the same automated checklist (computer says no etc) at least you're not paying stupid labour rates.
  11. Frankly, your mechanic is a w*nker and I suspect it's a classic case of a mechanic trying to take advantage of a female customer.
  12. I don't remember seeing any other threads on hear about the manual gearbox failing with the 1.5 TDCi engine. What kind of noise does it make and when does it make it?
  13. To be fair there are similar businesses for fixing Audi LCD panels, circa MK1 TT.
  14. Hopefully my final update for a while! The replacement wiper assembly came today so obviously I sacked work off to test it........Good news, it's all working! Although whilst I was putting everything back together I noticed that when putting the 1st part of the scuttle panel back in place (the part that screws in place at each end), the rear edge comes rather close to the black plastic cover on the wiper motor, so if the garage DID remove the scuttle panel when they did the cambelt they could easily have accidentally knocked the motor cover way off when refitting the scuttle panel. The replacement part only cost £12.50 so I'll take that over having to source an appropriate GEM and have a go at reprogramming it. Now for a celebratory thrash!
  15. Quick update, I've removed the wiper linkage and multi meter confirms 12V signal across multiple pins on the connector block. My current part number is 4M51-17504-BB I don't suppose anyone happens to know what the difference is between my part and a part ending BC i.e. is it like a BCM/GEM where as long as the part number is equal to OR greater than the original it'll work fine? Once I could see the wiper motor I wasn't surprised that it looks like the motor is the culprit, 4 of the clips that holder the plastic cover for the motor in place were NOT seated and there was a gap that at it's widest was at least 8mm, so plenty of space for moisture to get it. Fingers crossed that a cheap used replacement is the fix! *Edit - Replacement (exactly the same part number) should be here for Saturday, I'll update once it's fitted 🤞*