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  1. Although it's actually not "just" a fuse box, the GEM is basically the thing that looks like a fuse box in the passenger footwell.
  2. I don't think anyone ever came up with a proper "fix", it's just how the MK2/MK2.5s are.
  3. I'd say that you've summed things up nicely, the newer cDPF used is the 2.0/2.2 MK4.5 TDCi is worth potentially losing the nice leather seats for. Other than the fancier seats, there really isn't much between a Zetec Business and a Titanium X.
  4. The newer generations of Android head unit can power on in less than 3 seconds, it just depends what setting is chosen.
  5. Your problem sounds like an issue with parasitic drain. Modern(ish) cars will only power down fully if ALL the modules report back at the right time and in the right way. If a module isn't powering down or/responding properly, the car's systems won't fully go to sleep, leading to a flat battery on a regular basis.
  6. There are a few other professional grade brands other than 3M, such as Vvivid. As long as you stay away from any unbranded stuff you should be okay. I've used the matt (textured) 3M stuff myself and it's definitely a bit easier/more forgiving to work with than some other brands such as Vvivid.
  7. Seeing as it's a really old thread about a different engine to yours, you're much more like to get a response if you post on your own thread.
  8. Unless your battery is on it's last legs you should be fine, the fan will run until your car is happy that the coolant temperature is within its happy range. Also, the fan can continue to run when the DPF is running a regeneration cycle. What kind of journeys are you currently doing i.e. all short journeys as this could mean the DPF isn't getting the chance to regenerate and potentially could end up being blocked.
  9. It's usually some CockWomble with airgun, "dugga duggaring" the crap out of it (even if when it broke it was being removed/tightened by hand, the cumulative effect of years of various tyre places not taking any great car usually tells in the end). I also disposed of the locking nuts on both my Focus, the (current) low scrap value of allow wheels means no one is likely to bother nicking them to weigh in at their local scrappy so unless you've got "nice" wheels I wouldn't worry about the chances of anyone nicking them.
  10. As noted above, do yourself and massive favour and do NOT buy a MK5 Mondeo with halogen headlights. They're dog💩, even fitting brighter bulbs doesn't help the usable light output, the factory (optional) LED units are superb by comparison.
  11. One of the few weaknesses in this engine is the factory fitted rubber hose highlighted in the image. A silicone replacement can be source cheaply off ebay that will outlast the car, over time the rubber hardens due to the heat in the engine bay and eventually develops a hairline fracture on the underside. The split is almost impossible to see (partly because the underside of the hose will probably be covered in oily gunge), it's easy enough to check. Just put your hand underneath the house and get someone to rev the engine to about 3500 RPM to built a bit of boost. If the there's a crack, you'll be able to feel it blowing on your hand. (If you do this when the engine is already warm it makes it even easier to feel because any air escaping through the hose will be nice and easy to feel because it'll be nice a toasty!
  12. Yes, as long as you make sure you support the engine properly from below.
  13. @Legacy7770 hasn't logged into site since early 2018 so I doubt you're going to get an answer mate.
  14. And THAT is the key point that most people don't recognise. HOW a hybrid is driven, combined with the types of journeys made makes a massive difference to the MPG figure. Having driven several recent model Toyota hybrids as hire cars I found the MPG to mirror what you'd expect when thinking about it: Motorway driving - as you might expect, MPG similar to a mid sized petrol engine because the electric motors can't handle motorway speeds on their own, so the engine ends up doing most of the grunt work. Urban driving (especially stop start traffic) - Really good MPG, especially if accelerating sensibly. (With a CVT gearbox there really is no point in trying to "make progress", sitting a hybrid Auris near its rev limit for 8-10 seconds to get a shift on is neither pleasant or fun, for anyone IN the car or anyone the car happens to pass).
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