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  1. As a result the MK2 Focus and Volvo S40/V50 of the same era were also based on the same chassis and share a LOT of parts. At one point I'd got my eye on a lovely S40 R-Design Sport, but the factory fitted stereo can't be easily replaced so that was a no go.
  2. Ironic that it was an issue on the MK2, fixed for the MK3 and is back to being an issue on the new (and increasingly expensive) MK4!
  3. You might want to consider starting your own topic instead of resurrecting a thread that hasn't had any updates in 7+ years. (Must people won't even bother looking because they can see it's a really old thread).
  4. There are several very good LED bulbs, unfortunately until UK legislation catches up they'll remain illegal regardless of their performance.
  5. Ah yes, I remember when I replace the lower gearbox mount on mine a few years ago and the ***** cast iron bracket was a real pain the *****!
  6. Or the belt could snap/the tensioner could fail and car will be worth scrap value with a trashed engine.
  7. I've owned a MK2 1.8 TDCi for the better part of a decade and I've found it's normal for this engine. The block is cast iron so takes a LOT longer to heat up than the more modern aluminium block 1.6 and 2.0 TDCi engines.
  8. Nice one, you should have a pretty bulletproof engine going forward then 👍
  9. Being an early MK2 model it's a prime candidate for cluster issues.
  10. I recently purchased the latest version of the VIOFO A119 dashcam including their rather useful hardwire kit which has a slider on it, with each position equalling a particular battery voltage so you can use one of the 'parking' modes without worrying about draining the car battery too much. And as mentioned earlier in this thread, the fact that it contains a supercapacitor instead of a pathetic little battery that dies after 1 summer of being baked through the windscreen (Nextbase I'm looking at you!) means it should last a good few years.
  11. When you say 'no error codes', do you mean your car has been scanned using a Ford specific diagnostic tool i.e. Forscan (freeware software that's available for Windows, IOS and Android) or by a garage using a Snap On style tool?
  12. No worries mate, starting a fresh thread just makes it much more likely that people will take a look.
  13. Did you disturb i.e. take apart, the fuel filter inside it's housing?
  14. You really need to start your own thread, otherwise most people will just pass your post by.
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