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  1. I've never seen on a MK2/MK2.5, I think Ford introduced them as part the BMS on the MK3.
  2. I'd rather eat a steaming dog ***** than trust Kwik Fit to do anything other than change a tyre!
  3. I know this in an older thread but just in case anyone in the future comes looking for the answer. Forscan can't go this, ELMConfig CAN though. I'm not sure about the MK3 Focus but on a MK2, the setting for alternator rating was one of the tabs within the PCM module. Basically it's just: Ignition electric ON but do NOT start the engine Connect to the car via ELMConfig Click on the PCM header/tab Click through the tabs within the PCM section until you see a setting relating to the alternator Read from the module SAVE THE CURRENT CONFIGURATION TO YOUR LAPTOP AS A BACKUP Set the alternator rating as required Write the changes to the PCM Once ELMConfig confirms a successful write, cycle the ignition electrics off and start your car Done The above steps should make perfect sense once you're looking at ELMConfig.
  4. £347 plus a 3 pack of Snickers... A picture of said damage would make a more serious estimate a LOT easier because the bumper might not need replacing.
  5. That ***** pulley for the 1.8 TDCi is over £100 these days from Ford!
  6. Dry cambelt (the top belt) and a heavy duty chain (lower) driving the fuel pump, the chain just doesn't ever fail so you only need to consider the timing belt. Ford did change the chain to a wet belt on builds from 03/01/2008, so you shouldn't have to worry about this if yours is an 07 plate.
  7. You need a higher version GEM, you've got the most basic version. Where your part number suffix starts with 'A', it needs to be start with a 'C' or higher.
  8. Ah, I see the bean counters are still alive, well and still spoiling things at Ford.
  9. I read it as you can still have the digital dashboard but it's not standard.
  10. No it won't fit, not even close. The MTX-75 (5 speed) and the 6 speed box are totally different. Any replacement would need to be "like for like".
  11. According to Ford, the Focus 1.8 TDCi changed from chain to wet belt from build date 03/01/2008.
  12. +1 for Viofo, I had a less than great experience with 2 Nextbase GW612s but the Viofo A119 v3 I replaced it with has been absolutely rock solid from day 1.
  13. Right hand side of the engine (if you're looking at your car from the front), there's a large coolant hose that sits in front of it.
  14. It's utterly moronic, given how much Kia/Hyundai have caught up in terms of driving dynamics, interior quality, tech etc. Unless someone REALLY wants the driving/handling edge that most Ford's still offer over equivalent models from other manufacturers, I think it's really pushing your average punter toward other brands that these days do tick most of the boxes AND aren't stupidly tight/obtuse with the trim level specifications. It's the kind of thing people expect from the so called 'big' German marques but Ford really need to get real a the prices they charge these days.
  15. So we're back to traditional Ford penny pinching, I thought not making cruise control standard on the MK2 Focus Titanium was bad enough (almost very MK2/MK2.5 Titanium on Autotrader doesn't have it). But not having one touch up/down on all windows really is taking the p!ss IMHO.
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