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  1. I've you search via your vehicle VIN here, you should be able to find the original part and Ford part number. Although a different engine (1.8 TDCi) I can confirm that having replaced 1 of the factory fitted hoses about 7 years ago with a silicone part, the replacement is still going strong (silicone is inherently more durable than the vulcanised rubber used in the factory fitted parts).
  2. No they're a different shape, you'll need to measure you existing gator so you can check it against the ebay listings.
  3. The swirl flaps were modified for the version of the Duratec engine fitted in the MK2 Focus, so they're much less prone to failure. The most likely culprit are the solenoids that control the 2 flaps, although it's unlikely that both solenoids have failed. Assuming only 1 solenoid is dead, if you swap the little vacuum hoses round so they fit the 'other' solenoid respectively) and take it for a test drive, if the solenoid for the 'high RPM' flaps is faulty then although it might drive worse at low RPMs it'll drive better at high RPMs due to the flaps actuating correctly. I replaced this part on my wife's MK2.5 1.8 with a cheap part off Amazon about 18 months ago and it's still going strong.
  4. When you say 'on full lock', I hope you don't mean that you're holding it on the steering limiter!
  5. MK2,5 Focus was only fitted with a DAB antenna from the factory if a DAB radio was specified i.e. you need to fit an appropriate antenna for the DAB to work.
  6. I've never heard of that being required on a Ford. Also your post states TDCI and petrol, TDCi is Ford speak for diesel so it can't be both.
  7. have you checked to see if any of your brake calipers are binding? (not retracting fully and causing 1 or more wheels to be continually braked)
  8. To be honest, keeping a 1st gen 1.6 TDCi engine running healthily at STOCK settings isn't exactly easy given the infamous issues with excessive carbon build up (resulting a knackered turbo) and a tendency to go through injectors rather more quickly than one might expect.
  9. I agree, up to a point because even the Japanese brands aren't immune to engineering defects such as Mazda's 2.2 diesel engine and it's infamous stretching timing chains etc. I do agree though that Japanese brands historically have had less issues that most European based brands.
  10. To be honest, as long as The oil has been changed on time AND with the correct Ford specification oil Certain parts of the cooling system have been replaced with the MK3.5 parts there really isn't much else wrong with that engine.
  11. But because it's Ford, you still have to pay extra for electric rear windows! 😁
  12. You won't get a brand new genuine Ford top mount for a 1.8 TDCi MK2 Focus for less than £200 anywhere. In the last 5-6 years, Ford has hiked the price from circa £130 to over £225. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393417537682?epid=1309788423&hash=item5b99833892:g:gbcAAOSwueVg20sQ
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