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  1. My New Ride :)

    Thats a lovely car Preee, i'm sure you'll enjoy it. No more guides for the mk 2.5 :(
  2. I have a set of barely used perfect condition silver ones for sale if anyone is interested. As bought from The seller talked about in this thread. Changed my mind colour wise and now have a black set fitted. Looking for £10.50 inc postage via PayPal gift for them. Pm me if interested.
  3. So do mine. Nice feature although sometimes they're not really needed even at those temps. Wonder if the activating temp could be changed somehow.
  4. Anyone Fitted The Aluminium Pedals

    Those look a bit of a bargain. If only i could spend some money. :(
  5. Windscreen Treatment

    I assume he's referring to this http://www.chemicalguysuk.com/product_p/rain.htm if so, the glass ideally needs to be washed, then preferably clayed, or if not claying i'd use some Autoglym glass polish to remove any ingrained residues before applying this. Then just use fast glass when your windows need a spruce up. After application i'd personally keep fast glass use to a bare minimum to prolong the protection. :)
  6. Fit New Gear Knob

    You've come on the forums??? you dirty beggar! :P
  7. Finally got chance to modify the reader today. Activated autolocking and auto heated screens. Locking works fine but will have to wait for a cold morning for the screens. Thanks again preee . :)
  8. Washer Fluid Warning

    I activated this today on my 58 plate facelift titanium 1.8 TDCi with a full washer. Immediately told me it was low, so i obviously am missing the sensor. :(
  9. Illuminated Ignition Ring.

    That'll be the same guy Lenny linked too. I also got several items from him too, he's top class. :)
  10. Number Plate Leds

    I forgot all about this thread lol. In the end i went with the ones Lenny recommended. :)
  11. Cheers mate, hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow and i can have a play while i wait for the courier to deliver my new iPad. :)
  12. I've ordered one last night even though i'm not very confident of using it lol. Particularly dreading the soldering/ desoldering!! there are a few things there i definately want to activate, such as auto door locking, and auto heated screen for starters. Preee, does the heated screen option switch both front and rear on, and at what outside temp? EDIT: Also, what exactly does ECO Mode do?
  13. Fao Twin Reverse Light Modded Focus'

    Bigdaddycain, how do you find the usable light now? I can't see a thing behind me currently and the privacy glass doesn't help. :(
  14. Cheers Preee. Yeah they are well worth it Stoney, i'm well chuffed with them. Even 'er indoors likes them lol.
  15. Illuminated Ignition Ring.

    Received mine last week but it was faulty. :( replacement arrived today, fitted and working brilliantly. Should make getting the key in the ignition a sight easier in the dark, and also looks very nice.