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  1. Concept Fiesta

    Cheers pal not done it for a while tho b ut may have inspired me to dig out the old photoshop
  2. Ok this was done well over 2 years ago and not played with photoshop for a while but after seeing this section i logged into my old account at photoshopchop.com and found it out. i have a few more but there not ford lol so ill leave them out
  3. Ford Focus 2.0 Zetec Problem

    Ok well she went into the garage today and it turns out the offside drive shaft is kaput and so is the exsaust cat back with a bad bread at the flexi pipe parts ordered at a cost of £154 from a mate in the trade not too bad i suppose
  4. Hey all recently got myself back into a ford :D its a 1999 2.0 16v focus. unfortunatly it seems to have developed a problem under moderate to heavy acceleration the is a heavy clunk / bang from the engine bay area the car seems to run reasonably at a constant speed although just after the clunk there seems to be a clicking noise and engine seems nosier than normal this does settle down once at a constant speed. not sure if this is related but theres also a small notch when turning the steering wheel right worse when cold seems to go away when warmed up and the car seems to loose power intermitantly never more than a few seconds usually split second and usually feels like im driving into a strong headwind. seems alot but the car was basically free (swap for a car i was going to scrap anyways) i have a few ideas but im no expert in diagnosing problems...... any help appreciated Cheers BigG