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  1. engine smoky in morning

    Thanks for your help mintalkin.. should i first change try changing glowplugs see if there is any improvement.. is cleaning the egr valve and maf sensor a big job? How much do you think it will cost. Thank you
  2. hi, all.. just bought a 2004 mondeo tdci zetec to use as a taxi, previously drove vectra dti which had major engine problems.. i am now hearing stories about problem injectors which are worrying me.. how true do you guys think these are.. i am very happy with the drive, performance, mpg and handling.. also when i start the car in the morning it tries to die on me. with a slight nudge on the gas pedal it stays running, but it doesnt feel very good. also its smoky.. after a few mins it clears up and drives and idles great. when its warm no probs at all.. any help would be greatly appreciated