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  1. Has the new Mk4 Ford Focus got 2 reversing lights or just 1
  2. Hi Had the same problem with my 2017 Ford Focus , on the left hand side . Took mind back to my local Ford dealer fixed it in about 10 mins tightened the back seat catch the part in the back seat rest .
  3. What do people think of the Fiesta Active , thinking of getting one
  4. Tony1

    Drum Brakes

    Thanks looks good
  5. What's the best paint and colour to paint your rear drum brakes on a 2017 Ford Focus . ☺️
  6. The Focus ST Line comes with 17s as standard and 18s as a option
  7. Tony1

    Rear Shocks

    The car does it all the time as you drive along , noise only coming from left rear .
  8. Hi Has anyone had problems with there rear shocks on a 2017 ford focus . Started to make a slight knocking noise only on left hand side , car has only done 600 mile's
  9. Hi I have a 2015 1.0 ecoboost Ford Focus I have the same problem as you when pulling away on a slight incline it makes a slight squeal from the clutch
  10. They are only fitted to diesel cars
  11. Hi , This is my Ford Focus Titanium 1.0 Ecoboost 125ps
  12. Hi There I think I have a problem with my new Focus fuel cap , you can push it open with your fingers it does not lock My 2013 focus locked and opened when you pushed the fuel nozzle in .
  13. Just to let you all know I have Tectonic Silver
  14. Thanks Guys, I will get them to fit a new one for me