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  1. Hi, ordered mine 1st of July Magnetic grey with the optional driver assistance pack . My Puma Titanium has been a fantastic car its the first edition model in solar silver . The Vignale model wasn't out when i had mine
  2. Hi there I've got a new Puma Vignale on order for delivery in October , have any off you fitted rear mud flaps to your Puma Vignale . This is to replace my Puma Titanium witch has mud flaps fitted all round . I think the rear bumper is slightly different on the Vignale . Thanks Ant
  3. Can't you get one through Ford that fits into the clove box
  4. Hi Is global closing only on certain Focus models I think you have to have electric widows on all 4 doors
  5. Hi I have a Solar Silver Puma Titanium first edition looks nice when its clean with the black and chrome trim . Its darker than moondust silver .
  6. Hi I have a Ford Focus MK3.5 1.0 titanium x the problem is that the temperature gauge is slow to reach half way then it starts to go to cold again the heater still blows nice and warm , no coolant loss . Only started doing this when i had the clutch recall done .
  7. Hi To me the Mk4 Ford Focus doesn't seem to be well made as the MK3 , went for a test drive in one only had 8 miles on the clock lots of rattles in the dash and doors .
  8. Hi I have a 67Reg Ford Focus Titanium x , I would like to know if its possible to replace just the headlight glass , or do I have to replace the hole headlamp . Many thanks
  9. Converse trainers or barefoot or with socks
  10. Many thanks think I might wait and have a look at the new Puma
  11. What do people think of the Fiesta Active , thinking of buying one . Driving a Ford Focus Mk3.5 titanium x at moment . Thanks for your input
  12. Has the new Mk4 Ford Focus got 2 reversing lights or just 1
  13. Hi Had the same problem with my 2017 Ford Focus , on the left hand side . Took mind back to my local Ford dealer fixed it in about 10 mins tightened the back seat catch the part in the back seat rest .
  14. What do people think of the Fiesta Active , thinking of getting one
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