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  1. Alright people, im a complete noob but have serious issue with this oil level thing. *ford fiesta tdci climate 2005* Took my car to a ford "specialist" because it would not turn over properly. they repaired it but afterward loads of blue smoke started pouring out of it on the way home. At gradually increasing revs it was blue, although at quickly applied revs it blew black. I checked the oil level and it was quarter the way up the stick!! I drained it completely today and am not sure but think i could get a wiff of deisel from it. I'm aware of the fuel injector problem with this model so stripped the air filter off today to take a look, the first injector was clean as a whistle from the look of it but the others were dirty especially the third one in (from the left). Im hoping that after the oil change the exhaust will stop blowing out the black smoke, im going to wait until the morning and check the level before i use the car and again a couple of hours after im done with it for the day. I'm not sure if my car has the issue you guys are concerned with but any input would be great as im in germany and the biodiesel content in the fuel is higher than usual!