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  1. Got my new Fiesta!

    The fan coming on not long after starting the car I have since found is not the main fan, but the fan for the Air con. So if you have the aircon, or the digital climate control come on automatically when you start the car, its that fan thats kicking in! LOL. I asked in the dealership the other day when I was in, and the service manager said thats what it is....
  2. New Fiesta

    1.6 TDci Titanium in Avalon Blue, with the Bluetooth and Voice upgrade, apart from that standard titanium spec!
  3. Got my new Fiesta!

    Hey! Looks good in black! When I ordered mine, it couldnt wait long enough to have the spec I wanted in the black, so I went for the Avalon blue instead (pic in gallery)! LOL! I have the 1.6tdci Titanium, and with over 2000 miles on the clock after getting it a month or so ago, and im getting about 45-50 mpg at the moment. I have noticed that the fan does kick in even after a short run of only a mile or so. Also had a funny one with the radio where it wouldnt pick up a single station, so pressed the CD button, then the radio again, and it all worked fine again. Apart from that, no real problems. I must admit, they are a real head turner, and lost count of the amount of people looking at it. Even had to show it to several strangers, and let them sit in it etc. LOL Take care!
  4. My new car!

    My new pride and joy!
  5. How much for alloys?

    Hey guys! Just joined, and hope someone can help. Just bought one of the new fiestas, only had it a week, and the other half has just curbed the front wheel, and scratched 5 of the spokes. :o Whats the best way to repair it, or is it just as easy to buy a new alloy? Anyone know how much it would roughly cost? Thanks! Mossbank