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  1. New Car

    I WANT MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks very very nice! Drive safely dude. Adam
  2. Location Location Location!!!

    Cheers pal... Only probem is i wont chuffin knowing when im gonna get it lol cant win can ya :P
  3. Location Location Location!!!

    So my car finally turns up at the dealers... But still have to wait till the 15th to get behind the wheel!! Well excited tho.... 11 weeks from order to pick up shocking but sure it will be worth it :P Adam
  4. Location Location Location!!!

    Well today i checked on Etis again and to my surprise the build date has changed from the 7/10/11 to 17/10/11 got on the phone to the dealer who just said it sometimes happens and that my car has left the factory and could turn up any day now but still couldnt really explain why the day had changed :S So just a waiting game really :( Adam
  5. Location Location Location!!!

    I know its crazy!BMW and Skoda allow you to track it from order to turning up at the garage clearly Ford is still in the stone age lol Adam
  6. Location Location Location!!!

    Oh thats just typical... My order was just a shambles clearly i mean why order it from !Removed! Farnborough! You'll have to let me know when ya pick it up :) Adam
  7. Location Location Location!!!

    I asked him on friday if the car had left the factory and he just said its "it's in-transit to us" Not very clear as that could mean many things :( I don't like keep nagging them cos they make you feel as if ya pestering... Thanks for ya comment Adam
  8. Hi Guys... Back in Aug i ordered my car a Fiesta Zetec S it was built on the 7/10/11 Ive spoke to the dealer who has given me an estimated delivery of the 10th Nov (giving a total from order to delivery 10 weeks and 1 day) I was told when i ordered 6 weeks and the car would be here!) Now they can't tell me if the car has even left the factory yet? He just tells me its enroute to the dealers i'm sick of waiting now! Any ideas how to know if the car has left the factory yet? I know its built cos i have the VIN number and checked on ETIS hope someone has some ideas lol Cheers Adam
  9. Electric Folding Mirrors

    On etis my ZS comes with 'Dual Power Fold Htd Signal Mirror's' which to me sounds like heated folding mirrors?? Might be wrong will see when it comes Adam
  10. Ordering Car On Friday

    You're very lucky then lol I have no luck at will still be waiting next Christmas! I 1st ordered a corsa but that was taking 5 month and that was only an estimate when I ordered the fiesta my fleet manager said they were coming through in about 5-6 week doubtful mine will be here anytime soon
  11. Ordering Car On Friday

    8 week sounds good! When did you order it? How long did it tale to get a build date I don't even have one of them yet... :(
  12. Ordering Car On Friday

    Oh god pls don't say I have to wait 13 weeks lol I'm think I will have drove myself mad by that point! I just wish someone would give me a set date as to when it will be ready it's the not knowing that drives me nuts!
  13. Ordering Car On Friday

    I didn't think she was telling the truth tbh I opted for the Sony cd I don't know if it's dab or what?? 10th Nov which is when I'm supposed to take delivery of the car so I presume delivery to the dealer would be prior to this or maybe that's just more bull! I really want it ASAP!!!!! How long does it generally take to get a build date after ordering and from that date how long is it before you get the car? Thanks for ya info :)
  14. Zetec S Question

    I want mine!!!!
  15. Ordering Car On Friday

    I ordered White Zetec S 1.6 with city pack street pack Sony CD and int 1 pack through work as my lease car the Order was placed on 30th Aug I get an update via email fortnightly and the last one I got said my estimated delivery date was the 10th Nov!! I emailed the lease company today because I'm so impatient lol and she said shell is built and the inside is currently getting put together but couldn't give me a build date when I spoke to them last week... My gut feeling tells me she's talking garbage but who knows how long is the current wait or how long did ppl wait??