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  1. Ka headlight bulb changing

    Thanks for the above advice - just changed headlamp driver side in 20min approaching from top side A few tips after my experience: Don't try by this route if you have big hands 1st remove water cover (rear cover - black plastic) by lifting metal clip - cover drops back but must be removed entirely to allow space to disconnect electrics and to manoeuvre your hand (note has 2 retaining protrusions at lower end which must be carefully rehoused at the end to maintain the seal of the unit) - comes out with some careful manoeuvering Disconnect wires - connector pulls off the 2 terminals at base of bulb with ease - as above do this before disengaging metal clip that retains lamp As above be sure to take note of how the clip that retains the lamp disengages for later reassembly Lamp is now easily removed - hold terminals pincer-like between finger and thumb to carefully remove noting the orientation of the tab at its base Insert new lamp without touching the glass and taking care not to disturb the reflector cone Reset lamp retaining clip - it is a bit fiddly Reconnect electrics Take care when replacing the back cover to ensure that two retaining guides at the bottom return to their slots before closing up - if not final metal retaining clip may still engage as if cover properly seated leaving the electrics exposed to loads of water I removed the bonnet stand and set it up on the passenger side to give myself a bit more room Tools required: nimble hands, torch (bright head-torch ideal although I used a conventional and rather dim hand torch)