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  1. drsdriver

    New but old member revisiting - RS content

    Car still looking amazing. Still love the colour. Cant believe your tyre depths. Sure you haven’t had winter tyres on all year and swopped them back for the service lol lasting well them tyres & brakes 👍
  2. drsdriver

    Ford focus chip / remap

    Definitely get it remapped. Superchips is a good company or try more bhp in Crewe Cheshire. Had my 1.6 tdci Focus mk3 done there . Superb rolling road remap . 115bhp to 136bhp & 270 NM to 336 NM torque. Made the car very quick and much nicer to drive with effortless overtaking . Mpg improved to 60 mpg average over the whole tank . They have a website morebhp 👍
  3. drsdriver

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Awesome job well done. Looks really good .
  4. drsdriver

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Liking that colour too. Lovely motor.
  5. drsdriver

    Is There Anything Wrong In Race Red?

    Washed & polished my race red today. Last week I waxed it. Always keep on top of it and it will shine for years.
  6. drsdriver

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    Thanks for the compliment. Flaps are Rally Armor, easy to fit excellent quality. They not cheap but you pay for quality. Bought them from here https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/rally-armor/2013-onwards-ford-focus-mud-flaps-blue-logo.html
  7. drsdriver

    TDCiST’s.... TDCi ST...

    So what you bought for security?
  8. drsdriver

    Just bought a focus! Couple questions!

    Yes the door protectors are easy to replace when I had them on my Titanium. If you look at the bracket on your door you will see a plastic stem sticking up . The new protector has a hole in the hinge which slides over the stem / spigot. I glued mine down to stop it riding itself back up the stem. Thats how they break, they slide up then get trapped in the door as you close it. Just some super glue will do it . https://www.fordpartsuk.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Door+protector+
  9. drsdriver

    Just bought a focus! Couple questions!

    You beat me too it 😝
  10. drsdriver

    Just bought a focus! Couple questions!

    The reason they are missing is probably because they have broken off, they are flimsy . You can buy them from eBay. Stop start is all down to battery condition . Could be your car needs a good run to charge it up. Try to drive with most of the electrical loads off , ie. AC, rear / front window .heaters, setting 1 , All load reduces battery charging.
  11. drsdriver

    Rear indicator bulb

    No I didn’t look, but kept them. Can look tomorrow as in the garage.
  12. drsdriver

    What Trim levels get DRL's

    Oh my bad . Should have realised being 2015 . Sorry 😐
  13. drsdriver

    Rear indicator bulb

    Changed both my dipped & main beam bulbs the day I bought it with 11 miles on the clock. Changed them too Philips extreme vision +130%. The reason being I had a previous Mk3 Titanium which I had changed also to the above bulbs, and as soon as I drove my new STline I could see the difference straight away. Literally was night & day difference. Soo much better with the new bulbs, I do a lot of night driving so was a no brainier for me.
  14. drsdriver

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    My STLine 2.0 diesel
  15. drsdriver

    What Trim levels get DRL's

    This is what I had fitted by the Ford garage on my Mk3 Titanium. They used to be a Ford option fitted at the customers request. Although not cheap, they looked smart, were extremely bright in the daytime, and dimmed 50% when the headlights were put on. They worked perfectly without any issues for the 4 years I owned the car, and I sold the car with them on. https://www.fordpartsuk.com/shop/ford_focus_nolden_daytime_running_lights_with_gloss_black_bezel_f_1746357_c_997.htm