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  1. zetec camshafts

    Hi I have a mk6 escort 1.6. I have been told that the camshafts from iether the mk6 1.8 escort or the mk1 and 2 mondeo will fit and will give me an increase in power. Is this true? I have also got some camshafts from a mk1 focus 1.8, is there any chance that they would be suitable? Thanks for your time stretchabusa.
  2. Hello again, Has anyone fitted one of these devices to their car? The instructions say to fit it to the inlet manifold vacuum pipe which serves the brake servo, cut into the pipe at the manifold end of the one way valve. When I look at my brake servo it is obvious which pipe they are talking about and I can see the one way valve, however, the pipe then disapears down below the engine and I can't tell were it fits into the manifold, can anyone advise, am I mising something obvious here. Thanks in advance of any advise. Best regards Stretch.
  3. Escort Mk6 1,6 zetec IAT wiring

    Hi 'vinnyvangough and thanks for you're honest opinion. We all have our opinions, that's a good thing. It is a quick easy and cheap way to help deristrict some of the enviromental lean run gubbins that now effects our engines. I understand it will be a cr@p solution compared to quality Dyno time and ECU mapping through out the rev range. However this is another world away from what I can afford, my parents already help with my insurance and the car aint worth much anyway. (R Reg) Also remember my car is standard apart from a piper cross air filter, still has standard exhaust, so even if I had more money there would be more to do to the car before it appeared on a Dyno. Thanks again for you're responce, I agree with most of the sentiments expressed on this thread, but for Ten Quid, would I do the mod again, You Bet.!! Best regards Stretch
  4. Escort Mk6 1,6 zetec IAT wiring

    Agreed on an O-V-E-R R-I-C-H ENGINE. Best regards Stretch
  5. Escort Mk6 1,6 zetec IAT wiring

    Hi again, For any other 17 year olds out there who wish to do this mod the colours are ars follows:- Purple Live do not connect. Brown Live do not connect. Black/Orange Communication use this. White. Communication use this. Combined with a Piper Cross induction kit, there is a good improvement in throttle response. (standard exhaust) Only criticism of the unit is that to fit the unit I needed to splice the wiring, I used the little BT wire connectors and these worked a treat even incorporating there own little silicon grease that spews out when crimping with pliers. A/ Looms a good job i did it myself. B/ Warranty on a Mk 6 you kiddin. C/ enrichening will normally make an engine run cooler. Best regards Stretch PS any one @ College working part time @ JJB with limeted funds, Just Do It. PSS No attitude intended, I only came back here to help people.
  6. Escort Mk6 1,6 zetec IAT wiring

    Hi there, First ever post so be gentle!! I have just purchased a performance chip that connects to 2 off signal and communication wires of the intake air temperature sensor. However as there are 4 wires I am not sure which two to use. The instructions say to connect to 2 off sensor wires and not the power wires. The wire colours are as follows:- Purple Brown Black/Orange White. Does anyone out there know which two are the comunications wires. Thanking you in advance of you're responce. Best regards stretchabusa