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  1. Ideas?

    Thanks a lot for the replies - my main issue when I bought it was whether it had a timing belt or not (I know it doesn't) so all the gubbins that need replaced are easy sourced and cheap - under the bonnet is a joke, I keep my cars immaculate but this was literally showroom standard no dust no splash marks nothing.
  2. Ideas?

    I checked this out before I bought the car and the engine was created after the modification for that problem. It's still got the original exhaust on which is not in bad condition either. I painted everything underneath the car in oil last year an will do it again this year as a bit protection
  3. Ideas?

    Hi all I have an 03 Mondeo 1.8 LX and it has 24k miles - I have had it for 2 years in August and only had 11k on it then. I have serviced it twice and due for another in July. Everything is sound but I just wanted to know if there is anything major I should look out for or change during this service? All usual stuff will be done but I just didn't want to touch anything if its not a problem currently?
  4. Oil Filter

    Yeah its the canister type, thanks for getting back to me
  5. Oil Filter

    Hi all, just changed the oil and filter on the mondeo and when putting the new one on I realised that it isn't quite the same size as the original one I took off, the top is where it connects but it is phyically slightly smaller. I got the filter et all from a ford dealer who used my reg to get the right parts, there is no oil leaking anywhere from sump or filter and the car is running fine but I am concerned its not the right one and it may cause some damage - do ford use a universal oil filter to fit a few engines? Am I the only one that has noticed this?
  6. I have an mk3 mondeo and i have an issue with the rear passenger door and the lock. The remote does not unlock or lock it and when inside the button wont open - it moves but it wont stay in the open position. Basically i can't open the door at all - anyone else had an issue with this??? God know how they will get the door open to attempt a fix??? Take the door card off??? Any help would be great