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  1. I did not do the service but a friend did, everything looked fine, i will have another look in couple days. when i get a service i ask for the fuel filter as well. was going to check around the pipes today but omg its cold outside lol
  2. ok Peter should have added, car had a engine service before this problem, and its still there no smell of fuel under the bottom when running and none when its just been turned off, mmm i need to have a very close look since you are saying it could be air. *UPDATE if i put my foot down before turning the key "lets say less than half throttle " 2000-2500 revs" which i have been doing since the first post above it as not cut out, but it tried once on the 13/12/2018, but like i said above with that extra bit of throttle it stopped it and never felt like a lumpy start. EGR INFO I have this problem as well but was thinking it was not linked to the starting problem. little power dips, thats what i some times get when driving down the road lets say i release the throttle and put it back on i get power dips, also from roundabouts, but also from releasing and putting throttle back on around corners. come to think about its always when putting the throttle back on but only when not heavy footed "could this be the trouble ? EGR Valve not be cheap to replace on my car i have been told and a pig to get to as i would not be carrying out this work. is the car worth it as it as done 131k miles on the clock, heard people blank them off but i do not want to go down this road. Shame i have had it since new i do not like getting rid of my ford cars had so many from p-reg mk2 escort back in 80s all the way up to some of the best, all feel abit of me this could end up been a very cheap car for someone. if they can fix it them self OK may have to start looking for Ford Focus 1.6 zetec s 2011 to 2015, white would be nice, with black windows and the Y spoke rims, but i am not that lucky lol just added £70 worth of the BP Ultimate Diesel with ACTIVE technology fuel for cleaning diesel engines and will keep adding this every 2 weeks from now on, if its true it really works ? love to read more feed back peter and anyone else with the extra bit i have added. thx for the extra info peter and Merry blue ford christmas to everyone
  3. Hello everyone. I have and ownered since new Ford Focus 2008 1.8Tdci. Miles on the clock is 131k never had any trouble with it till now, as i service it often as most of my driving is short trips, only thing changed is clutch due to failure and knocking and timing belt and the normal stuff. Problem happens after the car as been standing over night, even if its a warm morning or cold, heater plugs have been charged after finding 3 out of 4 was not working only to find out nearly 1 week later they where not to blame. tested the hidden menu only thing it says is the wording is "test" no codes come up. Car turns over fires then runs for few secs, very lumpy then cuts out, then i have to turn it over and over 9 times out of 10 it will not fire up, then after good few goes its fires up and runs fine. I have read many posts where people have had the same kind of trouble on there fords where people have changed there Starters and batterys, do think it would be best to get it a electrical on the starter and battery before i start to waste money ? or anyone else had this kind of trouble and what was wrong with yours ? EXTRA INFO About 2 years ago i started the car and think now it was something like this, but it started the second go and did not think any more of it, but for a split second it flashed up the wording "EPG" this as not happen again and does not happen now and no wording, the car gets great miles to the gallon, pulls under throttle, also this problem does not happen every day ! could go for many days before it happens, but say all that it did happen twice last week back to back. I have read its best to run the fuel cleaner at times incase the EGR is sticking or does BP fuel really work ? or would the EGR stop my car starting ? but would that not appear on a test ? Things i have not changed since new "starter motor" "battery" "tubro" Would love to read anything you like to say that could help
  4. UPDATE Turned out to be a split in a rubber pipe. OMG rubber pipe was only like 2-3 inches long, local garage claims they have changed loads of them, so must be common. better than what it could have been 🙂
  5. Advice help. Is the there any water pipes at the rear of the engine ? saw on youtube a guy changing something at the rear think it had a sensor in it as well on a 2008 focus. well this morning i went back to the car never over heated but water running out everywher but could now tell where from due to engine floor cover was on think rear of engine. as the front of the bay looked dry.
  6. Hi luke UPDATE car is booked in at a local "a friends garage" monday, i do not think its the headgasket, no white smoke at rear of car, no change in the oil, after i topped it up i ran it for 20mins and it did not loss any water and drove it home with no trouble, i normal check water/oil every week or two. but to be honest could be a few weeks since i checked the water, car as been standing 16hrs over night now and water level as not dropped. So as a safe bet i we get the garage to check it out on monday. ? what side is the air con on the car. this morning was small drops of water on the Passenger's side right in front of the wheel infact it was coming through where the screw keeps the engine cover on the bottom of the car, was for sure the air con was on the other side ? Maybe i am lucky and its not the headgasket, and just a leak.. sadly i am too broken to get under cars now lol and had to join AA and after 13yrs still not used them what i did notice and the header tank cap was hard to get off normal no trouble, could the bottle expand ?
  7. Hello all Looking for some advice and can not think of a better place, as yous have helped me in the past. Model Ford Focus 1.8tdi 2008 with the face lift look I have owned this car since more or less new from jennings with only 1800 miles, as the saying goes manager special lol bit like a zetec s without the bodykit. it often checked, and had few things like new clutch and timing belt, i take care of my cars and been a ford lover since passing my test in a mk2 escort omg wish i still had it lol. Problem tonight on a short trip i do most nights the car over heated and i got the message on the dash Engine Failure, pulling over saw the temp was up. switching the engine off i went to look yes no water in the header tank, lucky for me i carry water, so done the checks, belts on, no white smoke, no water in oil, and no oil in water. waited for engine to cool, added the water let it run kept topping up to the level. sat to see if the temp would go up pasted the normal running level which is just under the half way. after about 20mins waiting i drove home with no problems, but when i got home there is a big black patch on my drive, never seen it before. looked like oil with drops of water on it, if i was to guess this would be the center of the car.. i will look tomorrow when it light. and added feed back. extra info the header tank cap was very hard to remove. asking for advice on what do yous think may have caused this, like said above i never had trouble with it at all, wish it was next month was going to start look for something new lol sods law
  8. hello every this is my first ever post here, so be nice to me lol, anyway i was sent this to me on facebook, and started think how to make it bigger, so i throught why not invite friends and clubs around the north east, i knew i would put it here first, ford guys always like to show off/drive, there as alway been something about fords i have been driving them since 1988, and plan to drive them the rest of my life, ok i know the cruise is at a bad time of the year and there be SALT on the roads, but hey you do not have to bring out the best cars, just be there, i have found out the website address (www.summermaDDness.com) does not look much But more people could make better, looks like food and films to be at TEESIDE PARK info Saturday 28th Dec 2013 Meet/Start Silverlink Retail Park at 6pm Convoy to Teeside Park for 7.30pm 1min silence at 9pm Please add comments or if you's fancy joining me on this what could be a good tribute drive more info found in there facebook pages ! "this is a copy and paste off there facebook site" RIGHT THEN!! The Paul Walker tribute cruise down south has been cancelled/postponed due to getting too big with nearly 10k cars attending.. SO, myself and Stacie Williams have collaborated to do something on the same date (December 28th) for the same reasons. Personally i was looking forward to a road trip so we decided that Summer MaDDness will be running a road trip convoy down to Teeside Park for the 'North East Paul Walker tribute event' Convoy will be departing from Silverlink retail park at 6.30pm prompt going down the A19, through the tunnel (pop bang, woosh) then all the way down the A19 to the A66 and into Tee park. I'll get the Event created in the next hour or so and i shall get a flyer done ASAP. Stacie is organsing the Tee park side of things and will require helpers for a few different aspects from collecting donations for Paul's charity to making sure all the cars get in so please message her if you would like to help out.
  9. thankyou this worked above ^^^ and just founded it in the owners book...but your's reads alot better have a great day and thx again. love this website :) every time i ask someone always comes back with something right or nearly there !
  10. hello everyone i am back again with a small trouble and its pigging me off. i have had the car since 2008 i am the first owner ! ok my trouble is the 3 button key fob, its stopped working i replaced the battery only to find out it still is not working ! the key fob buttons have very little wear on them..also the micro switches are clicking ok any clues on what to try next would be nice like the cost of a fob or is it something on the car ? where to look etc ? if anyone know of a good cheap place to get a new fob please tell me, i may have to buy one anywhere in the north east uk guys thx
  11. only used that engine, because we could not get a cossy at the time, "cossy" engine lined up today with gearbox, hell not much room for the huge downpipe lol my good god lol
  12. "wase16ll" do not worry buddy, part time co-rally, been making panels all my life, when i said i took a hammer to them, i guess you had a vision of me whacking it lol no no pads fit like they should !..we rally a full wrc fia mk1 escort...we where running it with a red top vx-hall 2L...but its now getting the full blown cosworth engine...no short cuts, all top spec, not sure what to do about roll cage, thinking of taking back half out and putting a seat back in.. the red top vx-hall will be dropped into a locust 7 kitcar...the 1600 xflow that came with the mk1 many years ago, is sitting waiting to be dropped into a 105E ford anglia saloon which as been modded to a pick up...bit history on my work with my famliy so no short cuts, why send pads back when you cam make just as good as factory ones...but saying that not everyone as the tools for the job, so i understand your answer you do not know me, or what i do...BUT thankyou for the safety replie ;)
  13. UPDATE you where right it was the pads to blame, i could not belive this, because they where not cheap ones, anyway after abit of hammering to the ends i made these a bit longer, and now work free of the noise/rattle THANKYOU ^^^^^^^
  14. Nice topic, really handy THX