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  1. Hello everyone Trouble with rear of the car 2008 Ford Focus 1.8TDCI 5 Door Hatchback... right guys the noise sounds like its coming from the rear wheels/brakes, but i have just done the rear brakes, repleaced with brand new pads ! when i drive down the road and drive over rough surface, i get a rattle noise coming from what i belive to be the wheels/brakes, the sound from inside the car just sounds like a hatch to blame, which i found out it is NOT..from outside the car is really loud,when putting down the window... then i clicked on something by chance, when i pull the handbrake on a faction not even the first click ! the noise goes away ! so looks like maybe cable, but this also works with the foot pedal as well. mmmmmmm "pads are ok" any idea's ? best wishes wraith
  2. wraith1966

    Paul Walker Tribute Cruise

    hello every this is my first ever post here, so be nice to me lol, anyway i was sent this to me on facebook, and started think how to make it bigger, so i throught why not invite friends and clubs around the north east, i knew i would put it here first, ford guys always like to show off/drive, there as alway been something about fords i have been driving them since 1988, and plan to drive them the rest of my life, ok i know the cruise is at a bad time of the year and there be SALT on the roads, but hey you do not have to bring out the best cars, just be there, i have found out the website address (www.summermaDDness.com) does not look much But more people could make better, looks like food and films to be at TEESIDE PARK info Saturday 28th Dec 2013 Meet/Start Silverlink Retail Park at 6pm Convoy to Teeside Park for 7.30pm 1min silence at 9pm Please add comments or if you's fancy joining me on this what could be a good tribute drive more info found in there facebook pages ! "this is a copy and paste off there facebook site" RIGHT THEN!! The Paul Walker tribute cruise down south has been cancelled/postponed due to getting too big with nearly 10k cars attending.. SO, myself and Stacie Williams have collaborated to do something on the same date (December 28th) for the same reasons. Personally i was looking forward to a road trip so we decided that Summer MaDDness will be running a road trip convoy down to Teeside Park for the 'North East Paul Walker tribute event' Convoy will be departing from Silverlink retail park at 6.30pm prompt going down the A19, through the tunnel (pop bang, woosh) then all the way down the A19 to the A66 and into Tee park. I'll get the Event created in the next hour or so and i shall get a flyer done ASAP. Stacie is organsing the Tee park side of things and will require helpers for a few different aspects from collecting donations for Paul's charity to making sure all the cars get in so please message her if you would like to help out.
  3. wraith1966

    2008 Ford Focus Key Fob

    hello everyone i am back again with a small trouble and its pigging me off. i have had the car since 2008 i am the first owner ! ok my trouble is the 3 button key fob, its stopped working i replaced the battery only to find out it still is not working ! the key fob buttons have very little wear on them..also the micro switches are clicking ok any clues on what to try next would be nice like the cost of a fob or is it something on the car ? where to look etc ? if anyone know of a good cheap place to get a new fob please tell me, i may have to buy one anywhere in the north east uk guys thx
  4. wraith1966

    2008 Ford Focus Key Fob

    thankyou this worked above ^^^ and just founded it in the owners book...but your's reads alot better have a great day and thx again. love this website :) every time i ask someone always comes back with something right or nearly there !
  5. wraith1966

    Rattle,tapping,clicking,knocking Noise Brakes Maybe

    only used that engine, because we could not get a cossy at the time, "cossy" engine lined up today with gearbox, hell not much room for the huge downpipe lol my good god lol
  6. wraith1966

    Rattle,tapping,clicking,knocking Noise Brakes Maybe

    "wase16ll" do not worry buddy, part time co-rally, been making panels all my life, when i said i took a hammer to them, i guess you had a vision of me whacking it lol no no pads fit like they should !..we rally a full wrc fia mk1 escort...we where running it with a red top vx-hall 2L...but its now getting the full blown cosworth engine...no short cuts, all top spec, not sure what to do about roll cage, thinking of taking back half out and putting a seat back in.. the red top vx-hall will be dropped into a locust 7 kitcar...the 1600 xflow that came with the mk1 many years ago, is sitting waiting to be dropped into a 105E ford anglia saloon which as been modded to a pick up...bit history on my work with my famliy so no short cuts, why send pads back when you cam make just as good as factory ones...but saying that not everyone as the tools for the job, so i understand your answer you do not know me, or what i do...BUT thankyou for the safety replie ;)
  7. wraith1966

    Rattle,tapping,clicking,knocking Noise Brakes Maybe

    UPDATE you where right it was the pads to blame, i could not belive this, because they where not cheap ones, anyway after abit of hammering to the ends i made these a bit longer, and now work free of the noise/rattle THANKYOU ^^^^^^^
  8. wraith1966

    Parking Sensor Module

    hello eveyone sorry its been ages since i was on this website, but i have a couple of problems..... can anyone tell me the location of the "Parking Sensor Module" on a 2008 Ford Focus 1.8TDCI 5Door Hatchback.. best wishes wraith
  9. wraith1966

    Focus Bulb Lists

    Nice topic, really handy THX
  10. wraith1966

    Mk2 1.8 Tdci Focus - Blue Smoke On Cold Startup

    i have this problem as well, i have had my car from new, got 60k on the clock, really not a oil problem why simply it does not use any ! it gets a service every 8000 miles due to alot of stop starting...it is not seals had them tested, cold start blue smoke..but been fine last couple of days ! note not cold, no blue smoke ! some people see blue smoke and start to think the worse wow my car knacked, look if it was passing oil up the seals it would be there most of the time ! and you would never get from service to service, you would burn it off faster, i have had cars where yes blue smoke from oil out the back lol... most of them been petrol ones.. could always try giving more heat next cold morning ! worked for me no blue smoke !
  11. wraith1966

    Mk1 Escort / Cosworth

    hello ford fans ok this is my first ever post on this site, hope its in the right place if not so sorry ;) ok bit run down first my brother inlaw and me are converting a full wrc spec mk1 escort from having built it up..it is running a red top vauxhall engine right now, as we put it in, and had to cut buckhead out etc, total mod to floor plans etc arches and back axle, now we going to put the cosworth running gear in, we have everything we need, to make it work but we stuck for some nice photos of gearbox mounts, which we would have to make..to make the new gear fit...anyone with photos on there builds would great help..anything you have photos of engine bay etc and the rest of the work you done.. we have the space to do the work, also brother inlaw built a jig so we can flip/roll the car over so its easy to get to job Please help anyway you can.even if you do not have photos text word is also a help as we will read everything Thankyou :)
  12. wraith1966

    New To This Site

    Hello ford fans i am brand new to this website, right now i am driving a 18tdi 2008 focus, but the family as a nice MK1 Escort full WRC Rally Spec, but we are changing the engine we build the car up to the spec but we where giving a vauxhall red top engine for next to nowt, we have now got a full rally spec cosworth engine / box wireloom everything you need, but we need to find some photos for gearbox mounts to see where we can make them."so i will be adding that to the other posts for help"..i also had a cosworth 2 door big fin, sadly thats gone now, scrapped ! had a nice GSLi thats now in a locust kit car which my brother as build right up to just about 99.9% on the road just dam that test to pass now..been told its a pain to get it on the road... anyway i am in my 40s got the spare tyre look to fit lol here to help other ford owners if i can...great site should have joined years ago, been driving fords since 1988... best wishes wraith :)