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  1. Diesel Fuel In Engine Oil

    III had same issue just after my 12.5K service. This was caused by not resetting the service interval, which they should of done. Ford should be able to talk you through how to do this, or search the web.
  2. Fuel In Oil Warning Lamp

    Been told by the dealer that you alson need to have seat belt on. Thanks to all for your help
  3. Fuel In Oil Warning Lamp

    Thanks for the reply, have just tried what you suggested, but did not appear to work. Looks like trip to the dealer later this week :(
  4. So after tte 12500 service for my Ford Fiesta Titanium Econetic 1.6TDCI, drove it for about 50 mile, now have the Fuel in oil warning light on. Also have a message Engine oil change due next service. So isnt oil change part of the service? What else could cause this.? Will be onto the phone to dealer 1st thing Monday. Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Yes i know, my old car (Peugeot 207, petrol) managed to be to mid 50's in summer months, dropping to mid 40 in the winter. but hope this car will do a lot better.
  6. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    No 85% of my trips are on the M1, think the 50mph average speed limit might help :D
  7. What Does This Mean?

    Seen it too, think it means Gallons per Hours
  8. Thnaks. The rims were the standard ones that came with the Econetic Titanium
  9. quote name='2011fiesta' timestamp='1317313430' post='146315'] Congratulations on your purchases. Glad yous like the Fiesta. To post pics here create an account with photobucket for example. Upload your pics there, then copy and paste the coding from there to here. Once you do a couple its really easy. Looking forward to seeing the pics... :) Paul [ So this is it
  10. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Ok so on my 1st fill up Trip computer was saying 73.3 MPG. When i did my calculation worked out to be 75.73 MPG :)
  11. So picked up my Fiesta Friday 23rd. Work shifts so used it Saturday to Monday. Very good 1st impressions. Will add photos, if i ever work out how to do it lol
  12. Sound great. Can't wait as well :)
  13. Fiesta Titanium Econetic 1.6TDCi 3 door in Panther Black
  14. Picking mine up next Friday