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  1. Hi, Looking for a rolling road facility to take a car to whenever I have done any upgrades to get a bhp and torque printout. Anyone got any ideas of an accurate and reasonably priced place? Thanks for the help in advance!
  2. welshy_maverick

    St180 Lowering Springs

    where did you get the little black triangle on the wing with ST on it? I like that touch!!
  3. welshy_maverick

    St180 Lowering Springs

    I made the same mistake when I lowered mine! I agree!!
  4. welshy_maverick

    Ford Fiesta St2 - Running A Sports/decat...without Remap!

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Some people are like...nah its fine...and some say what you are saying. Might have to wait until I can remap before replacing the cat! :-( Dont want to hurt the st!!
  5. Hi, I have a quick question. While striving for Stage 2, I have to purchase components as my payslips allow! My question is, if I get a turbo back system made (with either a sports cat or decat), I know the EML light will come on, but will running said turbo back system do any damage to the car / turbo in the months of driving it until I can afford the remap. Hope that makes sense, any advice hugely appreciated. Cheers people!
  6. welshy_maverick

    My Fiesta 7.5 Zetec S

    Car looks awesome mate! Can I ask you what you used to do the red detail around the edge of the splitter at the front? Link? Cheers Mate
  7. welshy_maverick

    Ford Fiesta St-2 Mod Thread...she's Called Felicity!

    So it's been a while since my last post and that is because...alas I sold the ST for something a little bit more grown up. as the following pictures show. His name is barabbas, and he and I will be getting acquainted over the next 12 months! Sad to be leaving the blue oval crew though! :( LAST NIGHT WITH THE CAR: BACK TO FORD SHE GOES: For those of you wondering how long I had it, I walked into ford one day and place the order for the ST, The following day they confirmed it and that the build was starting, 95 days later I drove the ST out of the ford garage....and then 82 days after that I drove it back in and handed the keys over! :P INTRODUCING BARABBAS... I bid you all farewell for now...Maybe I will be back one day in the future!!! :D
  8. welshy_maverick

    Leaving FOC =(

    Got Rid Of The ST As It Has Now Been Replaced With Barabbas!!
  9. Ok let me start off my saying this isn't the most detailed guide you'll ever read, but the major steps are here...any questions...just ask!! :P This is the kit I installed which I purchased from here:- http://www.autospeci...duct-1198.html# Standard engine bay Start by removing these 4 torx screws, the top left one is down below the maf sensor Now remove the two maf sensor screws, the whole maf sensor fitting will be screwed into the new pipe with two screws provided. Undo the flat head screw on the jubilee clip and wiggle the rubber pipe free from the stock air intake plastic housing At this point just wiggle the whole intake housing free, no for needed, and pull upwards. Note: towards the front of the car the intake may need a little help from a flathead to be removed but again no force needed at all. I then removed the two rubber holders shown below as I did not wantthem to fall out later and I stored them away with the stock intasksystem. Now simply fit the new system by attaching the induction pipe and tightening the jubilee clip, attaching the maf sensor unit to the new housing and bolting on the kit to the pre existing hole at the front of the engine bay (most fiddly part of the whole install). Use a screwdriver to hold the bolt from turning from underneath and then a socket set to tighten the bolt on top Finished Result:- And now for the best bit:- Hope this helps, like I said its not super detailed as I realised after I didn't take pics of all steps (initial construction of the kit, take out the stock airbox, doing up the holding bolt for the new system) but if you get stuck just ask. It's a simple install really...15 Mins work max!! Changed my mind about getting a blow off valve after hearing this!! Also, feel free to check out my complete build thread for my Fiesta ST-2:- http://www.fordowner...alled-felicity/ Enjoy! :D
  10. welshy_maverick

    Ford Fiesta St-2 Mod Thread...she's Called Felicity!

    Fiesta ST Update:- So this weekend I finally collected and fitted my shiny gloss black Triple R splitter... Really happy with the result! :D
  11. welshy_maverick

    Ford Fiesta St-2 Mod Thread...she's Called Felicity!

    Thanks!! Appreciate it!! Still a few more bits to do before the end of the year, so keep checking back. As for the eyebrows just a bit of masking tape first then vinyl along the line then peel the tape off. The rear lights i took the electrics out of the ST light cluster and retrofitted them into the mk7 led light cluster. Brake light connector fitted straight into the led cluster though, no modification needed. Hope that helps!! :D Sent from my Nexus 4 using Ford OC mobile app
  12. welshy_maverick

    Mk7 St2 Mods

    Youll love it!! Was admiring how low my car was this morning. Cant wait till i can afford the splitter!! Sent from my Nexus 4 using Ford OC mobile app
  13. welshy_maverick

    Ford Fiesta St-2 Mod Thread...she's Called Felicity!

    Fiesta ST Update:- Front Numberplate Fixing So, sice i've owned the car this has annoyed me since the dealership screwed the holes in the numberplate/front bumper in the wrong place. It would be fine though since I replaced the plates they never screwed in again poperly as there is nothing to support the on the other side of the bumper. Sticky pads didnt work for me as the bumper is curved and the screw kept popping out... Unfortunately to get a nut on the back of that nylon screw meant either taking the grille off or the whole front end. The grille however does not pop out easily like on my old MK7 ZS...so whole front end it was... Eventually managed to get a nut tightened on the back of each numberplate screw so now they are pulled in and nice and secure... A big job (2.5hours) for something very small that most people wont notice but always annoyed me. At least I've had practice taking the whole front end off for when I eventually get a new untercooler!!
  14. welshy_maverick

    Mk7 St2 Mods

    I have no words to describe my disapointment!! :(