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  1. Fiesta 1.25 Purchase Advice

    Oh sorry, I ordered it beginning of August and picked it up last Friday although I did have a longer wait as they only started building the MY12 Zetec beginning of September. The new 15" wheels are identical to the 17" ones off the Zetec S and are so nice and the rear view camera is a nice extra. I saw your post and thought I would just let you know you could get more for your money as I would be gutted. If you drop me a mail with your email address and phone number, I will get Warren to call/ mail you. I think a referral is like £20 for me, nothing special. In the mean time it might be a good idea to drop a email to each of your local dealerships with what you can get and how much and see if they will match it. They will bite your hand off for the sale. Thanks
  2. Fiesta 1.25 Purchase Advice

    Lead Time? The guy that I bought it from was called Warren at Dagenham Motors, Gillingham, Kent. The DAB Radio/ CD Player is the upgraded Sony Unit which looks and sounds so much better.
  3. Fiesta 1.25 Purchase Advice

    It's a 3 door, I think they look sportier. I got it from Dagenham Motors (last week) but to be honest I had about 3 different dealerships trying to beat each other.
  4. Fiesta 1.25 Purchase Advice

    Bonjour, Haggle hard with these dealerships, I just bought the new 2012 White Fiesta Zetec and for £10,600 I got them to chuck in: * DAB/ Bluetooth Radio * Privacy Glass * Spare Wheel * Rear View Camera (also includes P/Sensors, Auto Lights/ Wipers and Auto Dim Mirror) * Car Mats * Tank of Petrol .....