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  1. Check the throttle position sensor. Unplug it and see how she idles. If okay, replace it. Easy job, I have done it on my car.
  2. Interesting. My car had slight difficulty going from second to third and again, it was intermittent. I removed the console below the gear stick ( it just pops out) and sprayed all the linkages with WD-40. I done this about four months ago and it's been fine since! Hope this helps.
  3. Lol. Buckfast is great for cleaning your engine too. You get an extra +10hp from all the caffeine in it! :P
  4. Ahhh,yes...Lager! Unfortunately, there are a lot of Vauxhall (spit) owners in my area and their tipple of choice is 'Buckfast tonic wine and a 'single skinner'! (whatever that is!) I am sure that this cocktail of substances has jaded their view of what is a good or not so good motor.
  5. Aye, Clive. However, all men and ladies are equal on the Ford forum! We are a band of brothers and sisters! ( I really need to stop drinking that Cotes du Rhone from Asda! ).
  6. Are politicians and bankers excepted, Clive?
  7. It could be the plug leads or the coil pack. Also, take off the oil filler cap to check for emulsification which will show up like milky white oil. If the oil is okay, it is more than likely an electrical fault.
  8. If it was the oil cooler, you would probably have oil in the expansion tank and generally all over the place! It might be worth checking if the timing has been set up correctly.
  9. I have recently fitted the Cree Q5 reversing bulb, thanks to Lenny's posts and I can confirm that it is totally awesome! £13 from Alltronix.com
  10. The evidence is clear. It is obviously a tissue of lies........ ;)
  11. We are just jealous of your Ghias. 'Ghia's a break' as we say in Scotland! Lol.
  12. As far as I am aware, the oil cooler has a habit of failing on these vans.
  13. I'm not entirely sure, however, if the EEPROM data is corrupted, I would imagine this is concerned with the ECU. Also, the bus error would point to the ECU. Just a thought! EEPROM is the electrically erasable programmable memory, which may refer to the ECU memory and may have to be re-programmed with the original values.
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