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  1. Hi members i have to change my water pump and camshaft belt on my ford fusion 1.4 disesel and i cant find any information on how to do this the car is registered 2005,can anybody help or advise,thanks.
  2. gsk

    Radio Code

    Hi,members the Radio serial number begins with v is this a common serial number and are codes difficult to trace: Part no: 6561-18c 815ah serial no: V065936. Thank you for any help.
  3. gsk

    Radio code

    Hi the serial numbers on 2006/7 models start with the letter v, Serial no V065936, Thank you for any replies
  4. gsk

    Radio code

    Hi,members i have just purchased a 2007 model ford focus without a radio code and the radio will not work,can anybody please help? the serial no is: v065936 Thankyou for any help.