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  1. Focus Mk2.5 Rs Body Kit 5 Door??

    nasty piece of kit. Makes the car look downgraded in my opinion...
  2. Gels look great. going to get a set myself. car looks great too. like how you got the chrome trimmings inside on door. looks great.
  3. Thinking Of Getting A 2008 Focus..

    I have a style model and isnt as bad as seems. I have petrol and runs good as anything. Modding up is easy too. There is loads that i have done to mine, Here have a look, http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/33371-my-car-just-recently-started-to-improve-the-looks-heres-what-ive-done-so-far-any-other-ideas-what-i-can-do-will-be-appreciated/ Hope this helps.
  4. Rear Footwell Lights. Red. Thanks To Lenny :)

    Yea they take a while to be delivered. I had tape and wire waiting on the side but boy the exitement when the lights arrived haha. Cheers for the finis number lenny. If i just go fords and ask for that they will get it straight away yea? Cant see it being too expensive ?
  5. Rear Footwell Lights. Red. Thanks To Lenny :)

    cheers. dont want damp footwells now so will take this on board when doing
  6. Rear Footwell Lights. Red. Thanks To Lenny :)

    cheers lenny. are them end parts called louvres then do you know. hope i dont have to buy the whole set for this piece.
  7. Rear Footwell Lights. Red. Thanks To Lenny :)

    Haa ive got them but i took the rear ones off to redo as they were lifted on one side need to wd40 the excess sticker off then re stick down.
  8. Rear Footwell Lights. Red. Thanks To Lenny :)

    Well i thought they were good in day. Ha they are immense in the dark. absolute class to the car. ignore the grassy mess haha Excuse the scuff sill mark, ive ripped it of to re put down, Heres my front red led footwells :)
  9. Painting Callipers Red...

    wow, very nice car. Wouldnt have a clue about calipers painted red anywhere but id imagine a garage may do it for price. I done my own And in regards to the ford badge colour change you can buy gel overlays. Loads of the lads on here have them so one of them will be able to provide a link. Ill be getting them in time to come. P.s Welcome to the site, Pretty new myself but its great and everyone helps you out. :D
  10. Finally got these crossed of my list. Rear footwell lights in red. Also the 5 LED ones on each side. For guide on these please look at Lenny as he has one in his signature. I can help with little if need be too. Not too great within my car electronics but a few comments back and too from Lenny and jobs a good one. Only problem i came across and hope one of you guys/girls can help me. The one in picture is attatched onto my rear heater vent BUT on my passanger side it is missing?? I cant believe i have only just realised this now but gosh i need it now haha. Can anybody point me in the direction of one of these. Item name or finis number. Cheers Id google it but dont even know what to call it Anyway heres daytime pics. Will upload more later this evening when dark..
  11. You Will Never Guess What ='( ='(

    Lets just say it was a day like yours. Hopefully never again haa. I reversed into something straight after this happened. was still angry inside and shouldnt even have stepped foot back into my car. But luckily got a new bumper excellent condition for £95. Haa well.... Straight forward... yep.. Only if your nuts and bolts are in decent nick. which only being 2008 car thought should easily have been but wasnt to be. Gave me a nightmare so had to take car to my mates garage and we struggled a bit but job done in end. :)
  12. You Will Never Guess What ='( ='(

    i feel for you. ive had bumper damage recently myself :(
  13. Spare Tyre / Space Saver

    Right Lenny ive managed to get to the footwell socket and twisted it out. not much wire free to work on but should be enough. How do i get the wires out of the footwell socket OR do i not? do i just slice the wire and try and tuck the new wire into it? im a bit confused sorry... Cheers
  14. Spare Tyre / Space Saver

    All wires connected together to go into car tomoro. Ive just ran out now to look at a rough idea what im doing. Where or more how do i get to the passanger side footwell wires? is it the wires that are exactly where the bulb goes in behind that? if so how do i get to it. Looked challenging if im looking and thinking right here? Cheers
  15. Spare Tyre / Space Saver

    haha yea mate its started where i am. looks like doing them tonight then transfer them to my car tomoz. And yea COD all the way. you on xbox or ps3 pal? Lenny when i go to connect into car, the 2 metre black red wire i got do i connect bothe leds to one end of that and then where does the other end black/red wire connect to? Cheers.