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  1. Focus Steering

    Yeah thats true mate, much appreciated for the advice and will try swaping the bits over failing that il get it inspected like you said..thanks again.
  2. Focus Steering

    Hi mate, yeh it slightly pulls left and right to be honest but to keep the car straight im holding the steering wheel slightly to the left but adjusting every now and then to keep it straight il defo get that tyre checked then, i need a decent set for the back they were the reason i span out round a bend and backend came straight round so il get them to check the balance on that front wheel.
  3. Focus Steering

    Hi guys, ive only just recently signed up to this, but im after some advice on my ford focus which recently span out in birmingham city centre and my front drivers side wheel took all the impact into a high kerb square on to the alloy wheel, i had the car laser aligned but im still having issues keeping the car straight, the wheel luckily is not bent so im guessing its got to be a steering rack/track rod end problem, if anyone knows of any places around brum where im not likely to get ripped off and get to the issue diagnosed straight away then itl be much appreciated. many thanks mark.