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  1. Water Leak

    to follow on its the plastic thermosts housing below air filter how does air box come off to get at thermostat housing ?
  2. Water Leak

    thanks for the prompt reply , how difficult are these to replace ? thanks again Dave
  3. Water Leak

    hi people am having problems with loosing coolant , its leaking from behind the engine , as you look at it from front of car it appears to be at rear of engine on the right and its dripping quite bad I topped up the water tonight to just above the min mark and in 30 mins there was nothing in water tank ! any suggestions would be gratefully received . Dave
  4. can anyone tell me how difficult it is to remove the shocker & replace the coil spring please
  5. Right ive found a site that has step by step pics of how to remove HCV should be very helpful to you , well i hope so .. FK-OC ford ka owners club type it in n search for heater probs ok as a taster heres one of the pics DAVE
  6. had the same problem with my Ka only the exact opposite mine had stuck in the cold only position cost i believe is abt £20 ish , you will see 2 pipes to the rear of engine just below where windsceen meets engine bay theres also a electrical lead running to pipes to operate the valve which is what sticks in either the hot or cold position mine was on cold permenantly, a haynes manual shoud be able to guide you through replacing it , hope this is of some help .. DAVE
  7. Ford Meets

    not that i know of but will keep ears open ok
  8. fordKa

    My new Car
  9. Hello One And All

    Hi there paul yeah your about spot on my job varies but i do most stages of conversion ! deep breath lol strip n prep cut out window apertures & coach roof vents fit 40x40 box frame welded n plated to origional floor fit wood floor above new frame system all interior fitures n fittings eg carpet trim grab poles interior lighting ! and the list goes on n on lol , been doing the job 10 yrs i even have some pics of my work on my fb page ! sad eh ps thanks for the welcome paul ! DAVE
  10. MY New Car

    This is my new car its a 2004 Ka Collection 48.000 miles
  11. Engine Warning Light

    well guy came out and cleared eml and so far its not come back on so fingers crossed eh oh yeah error code was 0030 So all in all i cant praise HIGHWAY MOTORS in claycross derbyshire enough there aftersales service is a bench mark that other second hand car sales would do well to emulate... DAVE Damn lights come back on and according to error code it must be the top lambda thats got a faulty heater circuit so garage is replacing it for me this week foc of course
  12. Engine Warning Light

    Been to garage today and they were most apologetic , there guys coming out to the car in the morning and hes going to write me the error code down then clear the light on dash .. he stated if it comes back on after this he will take the car and replace any faulty componants under the warranty ! he even offered to extend the warranty to give me peace of mind untill it gets sorted ,cant say fairer than that can you. he said it might be the PREHEATER ????? causing the fault hmmm no idea personally.. Will post the outcome tomorrow and the error code ..catch you tomorrow evening people .. DAVE
  13. Engine Warning Light

    Thanks for a prompt reply will get that done asap then go from there where ever there is eh !
  14. Hello One And All

    i just realised ive duplicated my post any way to remove one of them ? cheers
  15. Hello One And All

    Just found this great looking ford forum and am looking forward to chatting/helping anyone i can feel free to get in touch for a chat or just to say Hi take care every one Dave the bus builder lol