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  1. Stop Start Doesn't Work Very Often

    How the HELL have you managed that? Ford don't just condemn vehicles - we've had a Focus Sport back and forth to us since May which has had 3 hego sensors and numerous visits from the ford field engineer and they STILL won't condemn it?!?!?!?!
  2. 10 Plate Focus No Throttle Response

    Throttle body could be knackered.
  3. Hi

    I agree - had a 2009 Focus in Black and that was a bugger especially when the snow and ice hit - I don't know what it is I just hate a dirty car LOL
  4. New Focus - No Engine Cover ?

    Do you have a TDCi? or is it a petrol engine - the petrol engines don't have engine covers but the diesel's do - if its missing go back to the dealer asap.
  5. Ford Focus Titanium Bluetooth

    They are only mute buttons it is only possible to have a bluetooth fitted to work with these when fitted at the factory best bet is to get a parrot sytem
  6. Kuga Cuts Out When Accelerating

    Is it the TCS light that comes on or the EML light? If it's the EML it sounds like it could be the DPF if its a diesel - we've had a few of these at the dealership I work at
  7. Hi

    I signed up back in June but forgotten my password so there is a picture of it up here somewhere but I will get a few more on here when I get the chance, it needs a good wash with this weather we've had makes me regret getting it in white!
  8. Seized Engine 19K Miles

    Ford will only pay a good will gesture if the op is the original owner of the car - it is possible they will but very unlikely as they seem to be knocking more and more back at the moment.
  9. Hi

    Hi Everyone I'm new on here just looking to discuss all things Ford with other enthusiasts! I currently drive a 2011 Focus Zetec TDCi in Frozen White - nothing too special! I also work as a Warranty Administrator for a Ford dealer in Liverpool - so any questions anyone may have about certain things I would do my best to try and answer.