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  1. Mondeo Zetec S 2.0 Automatic

    Cheers guys, I'll ave a look at the suggestions! rob
  2. Mondeo Zetec S 2.0 Automatic

    Hi guys, Posting on behalf of my old man. He's got the Mondeo Zetec S 2.0 automatic. Owned for a few years now and has always run smooth and started first time, never had any problems. However, over the past few months, (sometimes) when setting off it judders ever-so slightly, but then is fine. However, when up at speed around 55+ (if you take your foot off, or sometimes press for slight acceleration it sometimes judders as if it was about to stall, however doesn't and continues to go. Any Ideas my friends? I'm at a loss personally! Cheers, Rob
  3. Woopsie

    hey guys, thought I'd just ask here first before getting the mechanic out! My sisters other half has a BMW 3 series and he turned the corner and (well the picture explains it) It appears the bolt (thing) has come clean off, hopefully not snapped - not seen it myself yet.. Do you think this is an expensive job? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/62/23053920510455553261220.jpg/ My linkcar
  4. Abs Warning Light

    Quick update, MY dad works opposite a garage and had a quick word with them.. A while back i had the rear wheel bearings changed, Well (i bought a new drivers side hub/bearing complete) and replaced passangers side.. To do it i took it to a garage to press in/out the old/new bearing. But the mechanic seems to think they may have put the rear wheel bearing in the wrong way??? (the garage that is) and he seems to think this would be picked up by the abs sensor?? So mite have to buy a new bearing not too sure yet, What to ya'll think about it?
  5. Abs Warning Light

    Hmm, OK Il take the whole hub unit off now and give it a good clean/check.. I hope the heavens dont open up on me :< -edit- Just to make sure, What codes are you talking about? :s
  6. Abs Warning Light

    Hey dudes, I recently had my MOT done... Which it failed to my supprise. One biggy and a few minors.. The Garage said that my drivers side reer wheel bearing was rough and needed replaceing (i could hear it when driving, Was looouuuddd).. So i replaced it, got on the road and the noise was still their.. So i had to go and replace my Left one (which it turned out to be that one).. Then all of a sudden the ABS light came on and stayed on :s - I have a friend who said replace the rear sensors and it should work, I have done that but the light is... Well still on it just wont go off, And i know it will FAIL MOT again becasue this is a major part (as its breaks) Does just replacin the sensor work, He said something about i may need a computer to electronically turn the light off? Any ideas? Ta Rob
  7. Grinding / Loud Echo'y Noise?

    My car failed the MOT becasue the rear drivers side bearins were feeling rough. I replaced the whole drum and got new bearings, My car has been making a loud (kind of) grinding / Echo'y noise at 40mph +. I thought i was due to the bearings but ive got the new ones on and its still there... And im out of ideas, Non the less now my ABS waringin light is always on... Any ideas? :s rob
  8. Remove & Replace Rear Bearings

    haha, im confused too i dont know what happend but i moved the bricks and it moved off fine. Just have to find the problem with this ABS light now
  9. Remove & Replace Rear Bearings

    Ohhh, i feel dumb as a green bush in the desert... I had bricks in front of my wheels to stop it moving with the handbreak di-engadged. Seen them before moved off fine... But something strange happened..(i cant win with this car) The (ABS) warning light came on? it didnt come on last night when i tried to move, (it normall comes on the goes off) this time it stayed on.. Ive got haynes but it doesnt explain anything about it :s
  10. Remove & Replace Rear Bearings

    Hey guys, I had probs with the new bearing i got... so i just went ahead and bought a new drum hub with bearings. I put it on last night, tried to drive away, moved about 1 metre and it stuck stiff. I am able move 1 mtr forward/back and then it sticks. I dont know what ive done, i did out the bolt holding the drum hub on Kinda tight, but it still spins so cant be that. Could anything be catching? Im going to take it off and put it on later after work see if that changes anything. Could anything be stopping my wheel from doing a full revolution? becasue thats whats kinda happening Thanks rob
  11. Remove & Replace Rear Bearings

    Dam,Haha that just made my day worse =(
  12. Remove & Replace Rear Bearings

    Hi there, I am currently replacing my rear drum bearings. I got a whole new bearing kit off the internet. I have got the drum off, Took the 2 bearing parts out now i just need to get the "housing" out (as i got a new one aswell) Ive attached some pics, I have been trying get this out (using some force :E) but its just not moving at the moment. I have got hayens but its no help :( I am just wondering, do they just pull out of the back of the drum or do i have to have some kind of special tool? Hammer and force aint getting me very far you see =D Thanks rob
  13. Dumb Question And Normal Question

    Hey guys, Im kinda confused. I need to get some rear wheel bearings for my car, Ive looked everywhere and some places are sayin my car is mk5 and some are saying its mk6. Its a 2004 model 1.4i 16v - I think its an mk6 am i right? Also, anybody know any place which sell cheap but good quality bearings, I just got quoted like £229 from a garage for them and fitting which is a clear rip off. anybody who can speedy reply will be an diamond lol cheers rob
  14. Mot Fail, 9 Things :s

    As title says failed on 9 things, Most are petty.. Lights and numberplate light etc.. But i need to get a new offside tyre, TRed depth too low. I cant seem to find some cheap ones about. If anybody knows any cheap tyres for size 195/45/16 Let me know please.. Main point is 005/006 of the MOT. Nearside reer wheel bearing has excessive play [2.6.2] Nearside reer wheel bearing feels rough when rotated [2.6.1] Im a little woried as as to how much it will cost. I have a friend who a mechanic an he will fit it for free, Are these expensive? Its breaking into my blackpool weekend money lol =( thanks rob
  15. Able to find my wheel?

    Hey guys, I got some wolfrace 17's on me fiesta :D but - when we had all the ice i skidded into a kerb :< and bucked one of my tires.. Some reason tracking is fine but the wheel is screwed. Im trying to find the model NO for my wheels. Im basically at a loss there is nothing on the wheel giving any info :< I got a picture, if any1 recognises this or knows how to find out please let me know.! i would much appreciate it :) rob