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  1. I had the misfortune to have my car keys for my 52 reg Fiesta stolen from me this weekend. It was not far from where I lived, and if the thief was half interested he could probably find my car by pointing the key fob around the street. I've moved my car to a friend's house for the meanwhile, but I need to get sorted soon this week. I'm a bit confused as to what work needs to be done. I still have the valet key (which doesn't have the remote control, but still opens the doors and starts the engine). Basically, all I want is that: 1) The stolen key won't open my car or be able to start the engine 2) I have a key fob and valet key which WILL open and start my car I've had mixed reports on what amount of work needs done. I was hoping that Ford would be able to change which fob the car responds to, and then give me a new set of keys, thus meaning that the crim wouldn't get anywhere with my car. However, one service dept said that if I changed the key fob, the tea leaf would still be able to get into my car, just not start the engine. I don't quite understand this! Can all Ford keys open other Ford cars? I know the key shape on both the valet and fob keys are similar to my mate's car, but that doesn't mean I can open the door surely? That garage recommended changing the whole lock set (at £300 plus labour and vat!) I'm just looking for a bit of clarity on what work needs to be done. Can anyone help?