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  1. Happy Birthday Sharna!

  2. Been modding my car for the past year now, this is how it started.. How it stands now.. il update this pic its abit crappy & dirty!!! & now all the inbetweens.. Springs fitted, & ST alloys. Bigger Sub! All plastics, plasti dipped was quite happy with the way it looked.. air filter :) Got some compomotive mo5's & ap coilovers Had my comps painted purple glittery! & thats all up to now.. have a new project..
  3. I like this I actually think it looks really good! I was wondering the same thing as i am really unsure :/
  4. Fog Light Surrounds

    I have a fiesta Zetec mk6, I want to paint the fog light surrounds a different colour, but unlike the Zetec s surrounds they are all one colour n don't have the silver rings round. Is it possible to change the surrounds to the Zetec s ones?
  5. I was behind a car the other day with their 3rd brake light covered in a vinyl sticker and just the light was shining through the word, ive looked online for this and can only find sites in dollars and didnt really want to order from there. does anybody know anywhere that does this? or shall i go to a local sticker making shop?
  6. my car

    my car
  7. I want to make my head lights abit darker to blend in with my black car as I really like the look of this. Ive looked at fly eyes, & when ive seen far away pictures it looks amazing, but up close I really dont like the look of it. Ive been told about a film you can put on your lights, ive also looked at this already but as know it has to let a certain amount of light through, I need to find one that I know is legal. Can anybody shed any light on this? Thanks :)
  8. Aux Cable

    Yeah the last one I had was a cheap one off eBay, and worked fine. Thanks for the replys!
  9. Aux Cable

    Thank you, :)
  10. Twitter

    Il follow you now :) mines @sharnasteadman
  11. Twitter

    Anybody got twitter? Drop your names here & I'll follow you :)
  12. Aux Cable

    sadly my aux cable has broken, and I've ordered 2 since off ebay and neither actually work! Has anybody brought one that works and can pass the link on to me? Thanks!
  13. Ford Badge

    Okay thanks for the reply :)
  14. @SharnaSteadman

  15. New Member.

    Hi, welcome. Good luck :)