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  1. Water Ingress Into Boot, With Pics!

    i had the same issue on a mk2 it was the rear quarterlight window seal, fixed with a trip to autoglass.
  2. Focus Fuel Filter

    Well first tank of BP Ultimate today, so i will see how it goes.
  3. Focus Fuel Filter

    Paid £107, i had contacted Ford uk via facebook to complain they in turn had contacted the dealership and asked them to give me discount apparently it should have been about £170. apparently warranty only covers the fuel filter for the first year.
  4. Focus Fuel Filter

    Hi, my 2012 focus zetec lost power whilst travelling at 60mph, managed to exit the "A" road I was on, turned car off and back on again and same issue after a few hindered yards, called out AA an he diagnosed fuel filter blocked, followed me 20 miles back to ford dealership (no further issues) both Ford and AA blamed supermarket fuel. Over a hundred pounds later and a replaced fuel filter and I'm back on the road, fingers crossed that it is now sorted. I do find it hard to believe that a car just over a year and a half old with 16000 miles on the clock suffers from a blocked filter. My thoughts are that to enable manufactures to get cars down to co2 levels which give the customer a £20 per year road tax bill they have to have such fine filters and Dpf's that quiet honestly they are not capable of surviving in the real world for any length of time.
  5. Could This Be Causing A Leak?

    I had the same problem on my 2010 focus, turned out the water was running from the boot under the back seat and into the rear passenger foot-well, it was getting in through the rear quarter light window, solution cost £85 with auto glass to take out and reseal although i am sure they just put sealant straight in without removing the window first, guess i will never know...however the problem now seems cured.
  6. Water Leaking Into The Boot

    Hi thanks but was under the impression that it was classed as a trim problem which was a years warranty?
  7. Water Leaking Into The Boot

    Hi all first post, got the same problem water into boot on my 2010 focus, stripped out the trim dreading trying to put it all back again, but have found the water is coming in from the passenger side rear quarter light window, cannot seem to reseat the seal (very tight) have emailed autoglass for a quote and have emailed ford (not holding out much hope of help from them though)anyone else had this problem and managed to sort it????