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  1. Carpet lifting up

  2. Carpet lifting up

    The picture wont upload some reason. No damp around carpet so im thinking maybe the previous owner had pulled the carpet back for some reason. No idea how to fix it though.
  3. Carpet lifting up

    Any ideas how to fix it back down? Its on the passenger side. Ill attach a pic later.
  4. Happy Birthday experiax10!

  5. 2006 Fiesta Dashboard Clock

    For the last few weeks I've noticed the clock on my dashboard slowing down by a couple of minutes each day. I have to keep altering it to the right time daily now. Quite annoying now mind. Any ideas please?
  6. Just priced 2 new back tyres at 80 quid for the pair for the back end of my fiesta. They only have in 205/45/17 stocked at the moment though. The front end tyres are 205/40/17. Is it safe to drive with 2 different size ratios on either end of car? Or should it be completely avoided? Thanks for any tips in advance.
  7. Spark Plug Change

    Yes your probably right, for that price I can't go wrong. Where too are they available at that price?
  8. Spark Plug Change

    Hello, My spark plugs haven't been changed on my car for 3 years now. I've only done 15,000 miles since mind. It's going in for a service in a fortnight, should I ask for the garage to change them or leave it for a later date? Car seems to be running fine at the moment.
  9. Drivers Side Window

    Just had the car back from the garage, £200 down :( they said with most cars you can change just the regulator but with mine apparently the motor also has to be changed.
  10. Drivers Side Window

    Thanks all, appreciate the replies. Sounds like a common fault after some google research :(
  11. Drivers Side Window

    Hi, i have a mk 6 fiesta on a 56 plate. Recently the drivers window has started squeaking when opening and closing. Then yesterday it's gone to more of a crunching sound and wont go all the way down. Any one know if this is a cheap fix with the garage, or would i be better off finding out how to do it myself?
  12. Tyre Recommendations?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Think I'm going to give the hankook tyres a go from the responses, prices looking pretty decent too. :)
  13. Tyre Recommendations?

    Thanks for the reply mate, the newest 1 is fine, but I'm thinking of changing the 4 anyways. My spare wheel is a space saver so the tyre wouldn't fit it as its only a 14/15 inch rim.
  14. Tyre Recommendations?

    Got my m.o.t coming up in 2 weeks and want to change the tyres before this date. Had it serviced 6 months back and was told 3 tyres will need changing. Is it ok to change just the 3 or would I be better changing the 4? My tyre size is 20540 r 17. Not looking to spend massively but want a bit better than budget tyres.
  15. Does any one know if I have to replace the whole fascia or can I buy just the heater and attach it separately? My heater isn't working and it looks like the heater cable is bent so it doesn't move when you adjust hot to cold. Basically it's stuck on hot constantly. Doesn't look as if you can just replace the cable easily. Any help? Thanks, Nic.