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  1. Bluetooth Connectivity

    Hi, I am not sure if it was the recent samsung update or when I had my car serviced (as they were done around the same time), but for about a month now my bluetooth connection has been playing up. When i get in the car the bluetooth sign does not display even though it is turned on by my phone/car, if you check on the phone settings it shows as "paired". To be able to use the phone with my car I need to unpair and pair the device again. Has anyone else had this trouble and know of a fix? Cheers
  2. Touch Up Paint Or Repair

    are these the ones you get from ford color matched?
  3. Touch Up Paint Or Repair

    Hi, I had a crap moment yesterday where I reversed slowly into a bolard in a car park, totally didnt see it because it was pitch black but its put 2 small scratches on the rear...it has taken it back to the black part so my red paint has totally rubbed off....it looks like a marker pen sorta scratch whats the best way to get this back to its original colour not sure T cut will do it.
  4. Do you guys never have problems with yours then? I got a SanDisk MP3 player but that had the same issue
  5. Ok so the phone problem doesnt really exist anymore since I had a new Galaxy S 3 I put everything on the phone memory and its fine, the usb problem still exists though I took it to the Garage for a 2nd time and they wreckon its my USB device but I think thats bull......what make devices does everyone else use in their usb slots what makes please?
  6. Only problem with copying the contacts to my phone is that it will shows twice in my phone then, might just copy the most used numbers.
  7. Every Morning I Lose 20-25 Miles

    Its never that accurate cause when i fill up my Zetec S it used to show 300+ miles but because I dont drive like a granny it normally shows about 250 miles, if you go on the motorway though you see the miles start to count upwards
  8. Hi All, I am not sure if i posted a while back when i first had the car so appologies if i have, I have two problems My Model is Fiesta 1.6 Zetec S When my phone is connected to the Car via Bluetooth there is no numbers listed under the phonebook I have been messing around with this but not had much luck, I know that the problem is basically the Cars bluetooth only recognises numbers stored directly to my phone and not the sim card, so my question is does anyone know how you can get the cars blue tooth to read the Sim numbers instead? USB thumb drive connected to USB slot for Audio When i am listening to songs via my USB thumb drive it randomly cuts out and then displays "USB audio device not recognised" or something close to that, I thought this maybe down to the length of the song titles but doesnt appear to be so, has anyone had any luck fixing this issue? Thanks in advanced for replies.
  9. Hi all, I got a new 61 plate Zetec S and have been using my Mini Sandisk Clip 4GB for listening to music, it has been working on and off but seems to stop working the next time i use the car. It sometimes displays a message "Invalid USB device" or not recognise or something along them lines. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why it would work sometimes but then stop working? Also i would like to know if normal USB thumb drives work for listening to music, as I would much rather purchase one of these? I got a feeling the problem could be to do with file names being too long?