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  1. Convers+

    I just wanted to mention that I've since sold my s-max and the convers unit is for sale, I've put an ad in the parts for sale section :)
  2. Convers+

    did you ever make any progress on this?
  3. during the summer I noticed a gurgling bubbling noise when shutting the car off, the air con is constantly on and works well. now the cold weather has kicked in I've noticed the heating not working. I put it to HI and it still blows cold with or without air-con on. i set the fans to max and then changed from LO through to HI, and i can hear the tone of the fans change, so whatever motors are in there are working. then what i did was turn the fans off, then after a minute turn them on and the air is warm, max fans slowly cools the air until cold again though, its as if there is not enough hot water going through and the blower is taking the heat out. i also noticed if i go for a quick thrash in low gears and high revs, the heat comes back for a bit. my guess is that somehow air has got around the system and is lingering in the heater area, high revs maybe pushes enough water through it. is this a known issue with a known fix?
  4. Convers+

    Update: If your bcm part number begins with a 6 then the convers, will play up with your electrics as mentioned, if it's a 7 series module it works. I was able to get hold of a second hand 7 series module, matched the settings for my car and it fixes the problem, HOWEVER, you can't configure a second hand module with your chassis number etc using IDS, so I can't run the car with this module installed. Does anyone know anyone that has software that can totally clear the configuration from a second hand module? News ones are about £400+
  5. Convers+

    i've got an update on this, it seems you cannot update the 2006 -03/2007 model BCM to support convers+. it just physically lacks the features that later models have. so assuming it IS the BCM causing it (and i also have a reliable source that says it is) it will need to be replaced. the current module that supersedes this one is the same across most of the smax range except the 2.2 diesel and the facelift.
  6. Convers+

    cant see my patience lasting that long ;) speaking to ford dealers is a pain in the !Removed! too. "you cant change the clsuter as the car wont start" - really? how comes i did fit it and it did start then? when they make comments like that i really dont know why i should trust anything else they say. this all came about coz they last guy who tried to update my BCM couldnt do it and then started saying stuff about needing a new module, i hate it when these garages try and convince you for new ECU and crap like that because they dont know what the answer is. anyway they reckon they can uddate the BCM and blamed the other guys equipment, sad thing is they want £100 to do it. which i think is a lot of money to spend when we dont really know if thats gonna fix it. part of me wonders if the cluster coming from a mondeo is the issue.... some other guy reckons he's a real wiz with these things, perhaps i'll give it another go next week.....
  7. Convers+

    are you going to get your BCM updated any time soon? since mine wouldnt flash i'd like to know if its worth pursuing why it wont flash. already spend a bit trying to get it done, i'm hoping you might now make a move :)
  8. Convers+

    What's the gem module? Is that the firmware on the cluster? We flashed the cluster with the latest software to no avail. The BCM thing makes perfect sense, but like I said mine wouldn't flash. Not sure what to do next, can't chuck too much money at it for a while.
  9. Convers+

    No, it's not done. I took it for an ids session, the software kept bombing out when updating the BCM saying it could not communicate with the module. We tried this with two different laptops with current and older ids. It basically cost me a couple of hours labour to not fix it. So is yours also not working? I was under the impression that yours and someone's else's here were straight swapped and working. I take it you mean the back lights for the dials when you say dash lights?
  10. Convers+

    For clarification, the facts about mileage reprogramming are: Fords official software will only update a cluster that has less than 100 miles on the clock by design. Mobile mileage correction companies that use 3rd party software are not restricted in such a way.
  11. Convers+

    Hmm, not going well, the BCM doesn't seem to want to update, tried with new and old cluster in. All fine apart from the damn dial back lights :/
  12. Convers+

    What's an IDS session? I fitted it today, I see what you mean now, I could do another one in about 10 mins. The dials backlight doesn't come on with the lights. My s-max is a 56 plate so it's before the convers came out. Everything else seems fine. The mileage was only 20 on the clock(that's 000020) So perhaps it can be programmed by ford. I
  13. Convers+

    Okay, for some reason it's a maration job to take it out properly, I miss my BMW a bit ;) I'll go for the bending method I guess. Anyone here actually bothered to get their mileage fixed afterward? Ford and another workshop both tell me this can only be done on new units. I'll have to try one of them mobile services. Anyone had any grief since fitnent? Service warnings or anything like that? Someone said the immobiliser code is in the dash, sounds like scaremongering though.
  14. Convers+

    Ah, I see. Surely it must come out though? They bloke that's going to correct the mileage says he wants to fit it as he takes settings from the old cluster, guess I'll just leave it till then....if I can remain patient enough!
  15. Convers+

    does this actually come out? i've been trying this for over an hour now and it wont move, the sides seem to push below the lip but it wont come forward at all. it looks like the plastic tab that pushes into the bottom right hole in the instruments is starting to stress due to the movement i've forcing it into. i dont want to break it, but i cant see this is a 5 minute job unless i'm missing something obvious (which is likely)