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  1. MK3.5 Subwoofer Fitting

    Anyone know what iso harness adapter ide need to make my own link in cable so i dont have to cut main loom for a 2016 titanium x with sync 3
  2. MK3.5 Subwoofer Fitting

    Sounds cool i want to add the little underseat sub kenwoood one if i cant fot standard one and do it with out cuttin the loom in anyway
  3. Focus Underseat sub

    Ide be interested in a guide to iv done odd bits on cars in past but not to standard head unit i want to fit o e to my titanium x when i get it cheers in advanced
  4. MK3.5 Subwoofer Fitting

    Followimg looking at getting sub fitted when i get my focus in march
  5. Im rejoining the focus family

    Im glad to be back in the focus i did miss my mk1.5 i had cant wait to get it
  6. Im getting focus titanium x on 1st march in magnetic with sync 3
  7. Focus vin

    Cheers just done it thats what i wantes it for thanks again
  8. Focus vin

    Cool thanks i only have the end of ot for my new car GCC5HJ23091
  9. Focus vin

    Anyone know the beginning part of the new 2016/17 focus vin number i have the end number but not the beginning anyone able to help?
  10. Playlist for sony headunit

    Scrap that re read it change the settings it does it for you
  11. Playlist for sony headunit

    Cheers that explains it simply will give it a go so create playlist as normal but edit it to look not for a drive letter by putting ../
  12. Playlist for sony headunit

    I know theres alot of posts or guides on how to create a playlist but when i try it using playlist creator by having it in the usb main directory it sees it but says theres no tracks in playlist and thats a .m3u playlist my usb structure is all tracks sorted in artist albums then i use itunes as my media sorter to add yhe track names and artist etc
  13. Fiesta Usb

    I got the 100 as the dealer said I wouldn't notice much with the 125 Sent from my SM-G900F using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Got It

    Just washed it and put the conserver stuff on that was given was dirty now shiny lol Sent from my GT-I9305 using Ford OC mobile app
  15. Someone Please Help!!!

    Im just guessing I had with a corsa before the heater matrix leaked and corsed steam to come out of air vents and the matrix was under the dash in middle Sent from my GT-I9305 using Ford OC mobile app