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  1. Hi all, So still intermittently having starting issues with my 1.8 04 petrol focus. Very on and off really but a sign of impending starter motor failure. I figure may as well sort it before it leaves me stranded. I wonder when my t'stat housing was leaking if it got in to the starter and helped it along its way. Are there any guides on changing the starter ? Or tips, the Haynes manual says very little. Access looks awkward from the top, maybe moving the air pipe would help. But I would assume access from from the bottom is the way to go ? Thanks
  2. Focus 1.8 04 95k When I start in the morning for the last few days I turn the key as normal and it attempts to start but there is a grinding noise like a screech! .. horrible noise. I tried a few more times then it starts no noise. I leave the car for an hour come back a slight squeal but fires up. Is this a sign of starter motor failure looming ? Is this home fixable on a drive way ? Thanks
  3. Thanks, hooing tonget at it soon. Gettimg low on the pads. I am fittong standard pagid ones.
  4. So its come time to do the rear pads and discs. I have a rewind tool front whem i did the fronts years ago when i bought the car never had to do the rears. Do they wind clockwose or anti clockwise ? Do you need to replace the pad carrier bracket bolts ? are the pins 7mm ? Looks straight forward so says the brave man lol .. any thing to watch or for ? Other than rain
  5. 1.8 focus 92k petrol Changed a leaky thermostat housing yesterday and thermostat. Topped up. Drove for 20 mins got it nice and hot heater for once was hotter than ever. Had the heat up and cap off and and fan on full too to work out air. Squeezed a few hoses too. No signs of any leaks. Let it cool down and topped up to max line as it dropped slightly as expected. This morning it had dropped 4 cm aprrox and no signs of leaking from the tstat housing or pipes connected bone dry and the ground was bone dry too. Stuck my finger under it all too to feel for coolant but nothing. I guess its got to be leaking somewhere ? Or is this an air lock ? Temp gauge sits bang on as well no over heating. Thanks
  6. Wow £15!! Where's that from ? Ford quoted me £101 but Eurocarparts was under £40 plus the seal is a few quid. I have to admit I was tempted to do just the seal to see if it works but could be good.measure to replace all and not.look back.
  7. Hi all So it looks like I have leaky thermostat housing. Tight side is a puddle on the bottom bolt and the bell housing is covered in that white crust. Ibtop up every 4/5 days where it is under min. I could spot the leak before but looks like the stat housing. I notice you can buy a seal from Ford which is what I guess is worn ? Or should I replace the housing and seal ? Euro do the seal for £3 and a non grm circoli housing for £40. Is it hard to do this ? At a glance I see a few 10mls and some torx screws. Is itba case of draining it off via the rad drain screw. Disconnect all the hoses and undo those bolts and screws and replace ? Any things to watch out for do ? Wonder how long it lasts till it fails entirely. Hmm dancing in limited time I think Thanks
  8. Spryed the rubber at the top of the shock with plenty of spray not sure it was fully covered but the noise was slightly less. Possible i imgined it lol when you listen so hard. I sprayed the ball bearing parts of the links aswell no change. I wonder if i should remove them and check for play. Both sides were changed for ruocarpart ones qdrive. Been changed twice in 4 years. Guess i should just buy ford ones.
  9. 2004 focus 1.8 Basically every time to turn the steering wheel right be it round abouts .. right turns etc so e loudly creaks. Its coming fro the rear. I toom it to the grage and he could only replicte it rocki g my car by the door which i wasnt too happy about. Pushing down on the boot didnt make the noise interestingly. He said its definitey the suspension, amd thought it was the banana looking suspension bit .. sprayed it with silicone spray i think it was took it for a drive and still did it. Said he was sure it was it but couldnt explain why the spray didnt temporarily stop it. He said its not dangerous or an mot fail just annoying. Not convinced its this as the spray didnt work altjough may e it didnt get in to the bush well enough. Are there any common faults with this symptom ? Creaky on right turns. Thanks ☺
  10. Thanks for the update William, I know that feeling of pain in the bum jobs. I hate anything to do with springs lol always a grief without the right tools. Over the years I used my spring clamps but so awkward with space. Hope it all works nicely. Thumbs up on work well done chap
  11. Those bushes have now been done, yesterday. The car handles tightly on cornering again, not vague with the worry of the feeling it's wondering. Tracking done to. Time will tell I guess. Also passed it's mot, phew lol.
  12. Method 2 for me too.. garages I believe do it it like that.
  13. Very easy did mine recently in the middle of the key insert a small flat blade and wedge apart replace with a cr2032 battery as quick as you can.
  14. Sorry for the late reply, have just seen your post. It was a pain. I took to big pipe off from the airbox for more access and after a bit of fiddling I managed to angle my water pump pliers to pinch it. Hate these clips been the pain of many doy jobs. Have uou managed to undo it ?
  15. That's kind of you *thumbs up* .. I'm contemplating adding it to my summer to do list lol .. I'm guessing your local ? .. I saw a few interesting methods on YouTube if you search focus rear springs some amusing methods hehe but they worked. I did read someone used a ratchet strap somehow.