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  1. Foc Meet - Meguiars Detailing Workshop

    I probably don't meet the requirement mark but if I do I would definitely be interested in attending this with 1 guest. Steve
  2. Mk4 Escort Parts Required

    Im looking for some parts for my 1989 MK4 Escort 1.6 Ghia. Im looking for: a) Front Bumper in Brown B) Outer Door Weather Strips (x4) c) Front and Rear Windowscreen rubbers. If anyone has these parts for sale, or knows or somewhere to get them please feel free to send me a PM -Steve
  3. Leicestershire Meets

    Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any local monthly meets in the Leicestershire area. -Steve
  4. Newbie Member From Leicester

    Thanks for the welcome Lenny, it's much appreciated. There's a fee bits that need sorting out and a bit of tlc needed but, like you say, in general she is in great condition
  5. Newbie Member From Leicester

    Thanks for the welcome dezwez
  6. A big hello to all the existing members from a newbie member. I have been a big fan of Ford Escorts since owning a few Ford Escort's in the past but inbetween then and now i have owned various other makes of cars but recently i decided to own a Ford once again. Well last about 4 weeks ago it all fell into place and i am now the proud owner of a classic (ish :)) Ford once again. Its a 1989 Ford Escort Mk4 1.6 Ghia Automatic and i had to travel all the way to Beckenham, Kent from Leicester to collect her but driving her back through London, onto the M25 and then finally onto the M1 was well worth it and i had a giant smile like a cheshire cat for the majority of the journey :D. She needs a bit of TLC but all in all she is in quite good nick for a 25yr old car.