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  1. Tax ain't too bad 1.6litre is 200€ a year my dad had 2litre Toyota was nearly 800€
  2. oh please lenny has a mangina bigger than Europe!!!!! & they've done away with the discounts for people that have brains upstairs over here!
  3. Tadhg is a mammies boy he don't want you or ur poxy ps
  4. They are 6&7 yr old girls THEY DONT WANNA PLAY GTA you stupiddddddddddddddd
  5. If any of ye vote yes il do a Liam neeson on ye!!!!!!! You ain't getting a ps!!!!!!! If you do,I want an open marriage !!!!!!
  6. 1. it's my gaff too 2. Uve never & never will put anything up my !Removed! 3. I didn't know ye lost €90 on last lot from taboo ye fool
  7. Only dealt with insurers once when foreigner with no tax & insurance hit me & was there fault so just had to inform them, I actually enjoy the chats on the phone with them, being nice gets ye places, I'm 5+ Ncd that's 75% so can't get anymore, it's lenny holding me back as usual, €530 full comp for us both ain't bad tho
  8. Just renewed car insurance went up €80 as expected as most companies were, shopped around only came in €20 cheaper so decided to stay put, happy happy ringing up got €30 knocked off & free roadside assistance,home start for the year whoop whoop
  9. Oh god in tears really hope she's ok now & keeps getting better
  10. VickiW


    Do ye want guide on how to open a milk carton too????
  11. Lenny run!!! Funniest thing I've read in weeks! Lenny aka the sloth! I say what I see & I see'd a woman lol Speaking of idiots I had to point out the bright yellow orange van coming towards ye lenny!!!!!!
  12. It was a woman driving the van!!! I hate the school run a pack of fat lazy mothers in pjs dropping there kids at the side of the road and don't start at going home time, if ye get parking spot they double park beside ye & hop their doors off yours or park opposite side of the road completly blocking all traffic, some even sit in their cars for over an hour beforehand to get spot then stare at ye from other side of play yard, until ye wave over to shock them #luckyworkingdads
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